1. redeemit87's Avatar
    So I need help with my reset...

    First thing I did was Hard reset (settings-reset phone).

    I then got 2 spinning cogs for about 2 days now.

    I have tried multiple soft resets including (volume up, down, power, down) BUT however, I have never seen the "!" on the screen.

    I have let the battery die down, and tried.

    I have removed sim and tried.

    I have tried plugged in and unplugged.

    Someone with some lumia wisdom please help me!
    01-16-2014 12:17 AM
  2. Technoloay's Avatar
    I encountered that with my previous Lumia 620. After leaving it for two days (turned off, ran out of juice) I plugged it in and still spinning. Decided to use NSU for retail to download a firmware and half way through it restarted.
    01-16-2014 12:46 AM
  3. jgraves1107's Avatar
    Welcome to the same old windows bug! Seems wp8 is no diff on the bugs that crop up.
    01-16-2014 10:45 AM
  4. xsentrick's Avatar
    01-21-2014 12:21 PM

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