1. Srini74's Avatar
    With recent credit card process, while purchasing apps, it opens browser, but the credit card company sends SMS message with transaction token number. If i switch to SMS to note transaction token, i am not able to switch back to the page where i have to enter this token ID to complete transaction. That page is not available, moment i go to sms message. Any solution?
    01-18-2014 05:12 AM
  2. ShreyansShah's Avatar
    switch directly between apps, rather than pushing back key. i hope this may help.
    for me, the code sent by bank, is displayed in the sms notifications at the top of screen, or otherwise, i do switch between apps. what u r doing, is closing the browser, which leads to refreshing every time when u go back.
    01-18-2014 05:21 AM
  3. Srini74's Avatar
    It does not work...when I say "buy" option..i get one time password SMS popup on top of my screen.. I hit that directly to ser the ID..after that I long press the arrow...but the apps purchase screen asking for password id more available..looks like its an issue...
    01-19-2014 01:36 AM
  4. Srini74's Avatar
    When I long press the screen asking for ID is no more available....
    01-19-2014 01:38 AM
  5. Srini74's Avatar
    How to switch between apps...sny thing I sm missing...?
    01-19-2014 01:39 AM
  6. Zulfigar's Avatar
    How to switch between apps...sny thing I sm missing...?
    Like you said before, press the back arrow long enough and you get the screen to switch between apps.
    01-19-2014 02:04 AM
  7. Srini74's Avatar
    If long press is the method to swich between apps..then what iam doing is correct..so the issue still remains..meaning go to SMS and note down the OTP and when I try to come back to the page asking for ITP is not available any more....so how others are purchasing,.its a surprise to me..
    01-19-2014 02:28 AM
  8. ShreyansShah's Avatar
    plz check out screen shot. r u doing this and still getting this error?wp_ss_20140120_0001.jpg
    01-20-2014 06:21 AM
  9. ShreyansShah's Avatar
    if u r facing these errors again n again, will try to report that to MS. till then, a temporary solution is find a PC.
    01-20-2014 06:28 AM
  10. Anant Anand's Avatar
    I just posted about it... It's great limitation of OS which brags so much about multi tasking abilities... It can't even keep one task open while we go to another window for getting OTP
    01-24-2014 12:02 AM
  11. Anant Anand's Avatar
    It's 4 days since app purchase in India is disabled... Microsoft is comfortable in happy sleep...
    01-25-2014 11:25 AM
  12. Srini74's Avatar
    I updated my phone to "Lumia black". Now the app switching is much better. But my original problem of apps purchase still remains...what a pity...
    02-04-2014 02:17 AM

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