1. AndrewMBaines's Avatar
    I'm trying to connect my Lumia 520 to a Mercedes to play music. I can connect over USB, but the phone is detected as a mass storage device, so I have to browse using folders rather than artist/album.
    Is there a way to force the Lumia to present itself as an MTP device? I know the Mercedes will take it as I've experimented with a mp3 player that allowed me to select mtp or msc.

    I don't want to use bluetooth or aux as that would mean controlling the music from the phone rather than the steering wheel.


    01-20-2014 05:31 AM
  2. DBDev's Avatar
    Unfortunately I don't think so...
    01-20-2014 12:51 PM
  3. peepsite's Avatar
    Hopefully if Sony makes a windows phone, they'll make other products, like car stereos that will interface with it. As I recall, it took years before there was even any iPod integration for cars. Seems to take a few years for companies to get on board with this kind of thing (convergence) in disparate market spaces, but Sony usually does a pretty good job of it.
    01-20-2014 02:40 PM
  4. AndrewMBaines's Avatar
    Not really possible to change the stereo. The media interface was one of those optional extras that just came with the car. Can't believe I'm missing the Parrot hands free we used to have. Mercedes seem to think it's acceptable to have a list of compatible mp3 players that aren't available any more. Very frustrating when some of them still have the same name, but new version that doesn't quite work. It's supposed to work well with an iPod, but not about to spend 200 and have to much around with iTunes - it's messed up my music in the past.
    01-21-2014 02:45 AM

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