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    I recently upgraded from a 920 to a 1020. I had been using the WP backup-to-cloud feature, and when I switched-on my 1020 it was fantastic to see all my photos, apps, settings and text history sync-up to my new 1020. (shame that tiles need to be pinned to home screen and rearranged manually - but that's another story!
    But I found a bug in migrating the txt history.
    On my new 1020, for all old txt conversations that have participants with contact details <Firstname Lastname> there is an extra participant <"Lastname> (i.e. with the " character in the contact). It has not happened for contacts who just have <Firstname>.
    Interesting twist....on my 920 that is sitting there without a SIM card, but connected to WiFi all the new txt conversations I am having on my new phone are synced back to it (this is understandable but feels wierd in itself!).....and on the 920 on the *new txt conversation only* I get this same <"Lastname> problem that affects the *old* conversations in my 1020.
    The problem is annoying because it means that on the new phone you cant carry on old discussion threads, and it's very difficult to search.
    Further info - when you select the spurious <"Lastname> contact from a txt message, it shows a profile screen but with no entries other than <"Lastname>. The spurious entries are not in my Contacts list.
    Any help/ suggestions appreciated. Thanks
    01-22-2014 08:23 AM
  2. hope4wp's Avatar
    Can I have screenshots??? because I didn't understand a thing...sorry!
    01-23-2014 12:34 AM

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