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    I used a bookbook case from twelvesouth for my iphone5s (BookBook for iPhone 5/5s - BookBook for iPhone 5/5s - Twelve South), but I am switching to a lumia 925 and looking for a good wallet case. I found this Boxwave Classic Book Wallet Case that looks very similar to a bookbook, but the reviews on amazon are mixed: Amazon.com: BoxWave Classic Book Nokia Lumia 925 Case - Vintage Book Cover Case, Genuine Leather Wallet Case Design with Card Slots and Premium Interior Design for Nokia Lumia 925: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Has anybody tried one of these?

    Update: I received the BoxWave Class Book Wallet Case, review below: http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...ml#post2319195
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    01-22-2014 10:37 AM
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    I use similar one for a while now.

    I really like it. Protects it, and despite de 925 being beautiful, I don't want to many atention as I walk through some dangerous places from time to time.

    There are just two things I have to say against is the card-holder: I held my phone most of the time exactly there and after a few months I noticed tiny scratches on the screen, exactly where my card was.
    REALLY small scratches, unnoticable unless on direct sunlight. Now I keep them on the inside part (no difference in bulk added)
    And after sometime the "leather" started leaving marks on the screen, and removing part of the coating it comes with.

    A screen protector would solve both.

    If you intend to use it as a wallet, there would be just one "bulk" to carry arround.
    01-22-2014 11:10 AM
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    Thanks! Supposedly this one (the boxwave) is real leather, which is one of the reasons I really like the bookbook. I haven't noticed any scratching on the iPhone screen, but it does tend to collect dust along the card edges, but it may have a different kind of screen covering than the 925 so maybe I will look into a screen protector. I usually hate using those though as I like the way touching the device directly feels. I really like having my phone and wallet be the same thing because then instead of trying to figure out where I put two things in the morning I only have to search the house for one thing that I put god knows where, lol.
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    01-22-2014 11:24 AM
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    Anyone know if there is one like this that fits over the Qi back?
    01-23-2014 07:05 PM
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    Anyone know if there is one like this that fits over the Qi back?
    If you really want to switch case types, your best bet is to actually install the qi card either into the phone, or transplant it onto your new case.
    01-24-2014 12:10 PM
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    I got my 925 and Boxwave Classic Book Wallet Case in the mail this weekend and got a chance to try it out so I thought I would give a quick rundown of this case vs the BookBook for iPhone 5/5s case I've been using in case anyone else was interested.

    [NOTE]Note to waazzupppp: this case will most definitely NOT fit with a Qi back in place.[/NOTE]

    Leather(?) Quality:
    The leather on the BookBook case is top notch quality stuff with a really nice leathery smell, the stitching is also well done and has been extremely durable. The genuine leather used on the BookBook ages nicely and actually improves the look and feel of the case as it wears down and gets scratches. The inside of the case is felty and is what you would expect the non-hide side of leather to feel and look like.

    The Boxwave Classic Book Wallet Case it supposedly made of real leather; however, I very much call into question the validity of that claim. The "leather" looks and feels like plastic and the case has a horrible chemically smell that radiates the air surrounding it. The inside of the "leather" is lined with a fabric, it feels like there is a piece of cardboard between the fabric and leather to give it a stiffer feel than the BookBook has. It appear that the spine of the Boxwave is made of actual leather, so I beleive this is how they are getting away with calling this a leather case - so basically you are getting a 1-inch wide thin strip of the thinnest leather available stitched onto the spine and the rest of the case is plastic. The stitching on the Boxwave is already coming off on the bottom back of the case and I've only had it for 2 days.

    Winner: BookBook

    Phone Holder:
    The BookBook has a thick piece of plastic that seems to be coated with some sort of softer plastic or mabye even very thin layer of leather. It holds the iPhone is place very securely and has a nice little "snap" when inserting/removing the iPhone from the case. It is kind of difficult to remove the phone once it is in there, I've found the best way is to pop one of the corners out first and then remove the rest of it - this is actually a very nice quality as it makes the phone feel very secure and you don't worry at all about it falling out of the case.

    The Boxwave Wallet Case has a very flimsy and thin piece of plastic to hold in the phone. It feels like the phone could fall out of the case at any second, I'm kind of surprised that it is holding it in there at all.

    Winner: BookBook

    The wallet on the Book Book is very nice. It has a window with a slide-out hole for your license, slots for 3 cards, and a pocket for holding a couple of bills. The cards and license slide in and out without issue and never feel like they are going to fall out. The use of genuine leather throughout the entire case really shines here as you will see below how awful the plastic/pleather is for a wallet.

    The Boxwave Classic Book Wallet Case wallet part is horrible, the section for the license is too small and once I got my ID into it (not easy) it is now impossible to get back out. I think I will have to cut the wallet apart to get it back out. I accidentally put it in the wrong direction (should be facing the other way so I can easily show my ID when asked) and now I'm stuck with it in the wrong way. Despite the 925 being taller and wider than the iPhone the spots for the cards are two skinny and there is only room for 2 cards instead of 3. The use of plastic/pleather for the wallet makes the cards stick to the slots so they are very difficult to remove when you need to use them. This also makes the pouch for bills very stiff and I don't think it is useable.

    Winner: BookBook

    The BookBook is clearly better in every regard. It saddens me that there are no Windows Phone (or even Android) accessory/case makers on par with Twelve South - their BookBook cases are unmatched. I will use this wallet until it falls apart and then begin my search anew; however, I'm not optimistic that I will find something of matching quality.
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    01-27-2014 10:32 AM
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    The BookBook really is very well made case/wallet. I got one for my 4s a few years back but returned it to the apple store and got a Sena pouch instead. I also got Sena pouches for my galaxy note, note 2 and s4 They don't have one for the 925 unfortunately.

    I got a Dolextech mofi case last week. I don't usually go for that type of case but I got it for £4.95
    01-27-2014 03:02 PM
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    I hadn't heard of Sena before, the wallet case they have for the 920 looks pretty nice (though it would be better with a license windows) - too bad they don't make one for the 925 .
    01-27-2014 03:57 PM

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