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    Dear Mr.Elop,

    Greetings of the day !

    Introducing myself, I'm Sandeep Joshi from Bhubaneswar,Odisha,India.I'm aware that you're a busiest person & you can't reply me but please its a request kindly spare some time for me.

    First of all I'm very sorry that I've to write to you directly for this poor service level by such an Reputed & Most Popular leading company NOKIA . I know that you are one of the most busiest & a person who has a lot of things to look into but please kindly give some little time of yours to look up into the issue that I'm facing.

    Frankly speaking I'm a die hard fan of Nokia over the years since 2003 when I first purchased Nokia 1110 which was launched in the same year & since then I'm continuously using Nokia & even all my family members are using Nokia's products because of the trust & the best support service we get through the Nokia Care Centers which is present all over the globe but the way I'm being treated by the Nokia Care line people is seriously heart breaking over here in India ...

    Below is the case history :

    I've purchased a Nokia 500 on April 2013 paying Rs.11,000 ,after few days I found a lot of issues with the phone because of which I visited the Talktel Nokia Care Center over her in my city and they are one of the best Nokia Care Center I've ever been to they took care of all the issues repaired the device & handed the same over to me you won't believe my trust over Nokia increased that day because of the way they treated me (It was the best service one would ever get) then I purchased the NOKIA CARE PROTECT warranty extension for another one year. In the month of September again I found some issues with the device submitted the handset in the Nokia Care Center & as they couldn't provide me with the resolution they sent it to the factory and after 15 days of regular complaints and calls to the care center they finally replaced the handset with the same model already repaired but with different IMEI number & they said me "Your device has been SWAPPED",I received the same but after one day I again found network,heating issues with the phone hence I re-visited the Nokia Care Center then they updated the same & gave me back the handset .... Again after four months I faced a lot of issues with the same, I visited the Care Center again then they told me that your phone cannot be repaired it needs to be sent to the factory but "YOUR PHONE IS OUT OF WARRANTY",I was shocked to hear the same because I've purchased the phone on April 2013 and indeed I've even purchase the "NOKIA CARE PROTECT" warranty extension for another one year which makes the warranty till April 2015 but in the month of January 2014 they are saying your device is out of warranty whereas its just 8 months old phone as from the Proof Of Purchase as of which Nokia gives one year warranty ! I had a word with the manager & he was very polite and he told me that your device is out of warranty according to the Nokia Online Database but as you've the Proof Of Purchase & Nokia Care Protect Certificate you can just raise a complaint over the Nokia Care line provide them the documents & once they update the same we would go ahead and get your issues in the device sorted out.

    I came back did the same registered a complaint on the Nokia Care Line with Complaint Number : 1-14944337353 provided them all the documents they said me we would convey the same to the Talktel Nokia Care & provide you the resolution,I said fine then again when I visited the Nokia Care nothing was done I again returned back home without any resolution called on 080-30303838 and asked them about the same spending Rs.121.72 over phone but they simply said wait for next 48 hours I said them my phone is completely not working I'm facing the issue but without any resolution they simply asked to wait & hung up the phone then after repeated calls they then said me they would be arranging a call back from their back end team with the resolution,I awaited and after 34 hours received a call from Mr. Mohit from the relevant team who asked me "Why can't yo wait ?" who is he to ask me that I'm a customer and I've the right to get a resolution then he said give me 2 hours, we would provide you the resolution but after 2 hours he called up & said "WE ARE AGAIN RE-ESCALATING THE CASE TO OUR HIGHER DEPARTMENT & IT WOULD TAKE 72 MORE HOURS" .... I asked them again they're asking me for another 72 hours then the way he responded to me as if he was doing a favor to me . I've spent my hard earned 13000 bucks (including NCP) & is this the level of service I get in just within 8 months and when I asked why shall i await when I've all the documents and you took 40 hours to provide a resolution but he just denied and said me you've to wait you can go legal if you want to ! Is this the way one behaves with a customer ?? No one's doing me a favor if I want I can go LEGAL but I don't want to because I've TRUSTED this firm since last 12 years ...

    Kindly please just spare few minutes from your important schedule & ask your team to look upon this issue for which I shall remain ever grateful to you ...

    Eagerly awaiting for a response from your end !

    Regards & Respect,
    Sandeep Joshi
    01-22-2014 12:36 PM
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    Is this supposed to convey anything? Or should we just marvel at the fact that you composed a really long letter and send it to someone who probably wont even bother reading it. But anyways Kudos. You get 10/10 marks.

    PS: Didn't have the patience to read the entire letter.
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    01-22-2014 12:47 PM
  3. Sandeep Joshi's Avatar

    stephen.el​op@nokia.co​m (stephen.elop@nokia.com)Add to contacts 22-01-2014
    To: sandeep.joshi01@outlook.com
    Cc: Alf.Noto@nokia.com, Customer.Assist@nokia.com
    Picture of stephen.elop@nokia.com
    From: stephen.elop@nokia.com
    Sent: 22 January 2014 23:06PM
    To: sandeep.joshi01@outlook.com
    Cc: Alf.Noto@nokia.com; Customer.Assist@nokia.com
    Hello there,

    I am sorry that you have encountered these problems. I will ask my team to assist.


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    01-22-2014 02:11 PM
  4. Gaurav Paul's Avatar
    If anyone has a smiley for an epic facepalm please help me out.

    Oh wait! my old Avatar

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    01-22-2014 03:12 PM
  5. Pete's Avatar
    Sandeep, this is highly likely to be an automated response that has forwarded your email to the customer support distribution list. Stephen Elop's real email address isn't public.
    01-22-2014 03:25 PM

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