1. Zahari M's Avatar
    Hi Guys!

    Greetings from Malaysia!

    This is my first post to the group. I did a search but it got me no results, so my apologies if it has been asked before.

    I'm really loving the phone but I do have one question for those of you Windows Phone Gurus!

    Here goes...

    If we go to Photos -> Camera Roll -> Click on 1 square tile , we will see the single picture we clicked on and it says underneath it "open in Nokia Camera.


    Now...lets turn the phone physically so we are looking at it in landscape mode....

    We then see the whole picture.... It fills the whole screen. All is good! We can even "push" the picture up vertically and once again, "open in Nokia Camera" appears.

    Now..... what we can do is we can "pinch" the full screen photo together and what happens is that we see a "carousel" or sort of a film strip view. So now we can see more than 1 photo in our view and we can slide them from left to right.

    So thanks for your patience so far.... here is the question...

    Why is it that we can "Push" these photos "Upwards"? For example, I can select say 3 photos and push these photos "upwards" and they will stand above all the other photos. It seems to be almost like some sort of selection mechanism! Note that "open in Nokia Camera" is not visible in this sliding film strip view.

    Now... if I was to select a few photos by way of "Pushing" them above the others on my sliding film strip view, and then I was to get to the ... more menu, and do something like "add to favourites", it will only add one of the photos in that "selected group" to favourites! So, based on my experiments, it doesn't seem to apply an operation to our selected "group".

    Can anyone tell me the purpose for enabling photos to be individually "pushed" above the rest?

    I have also noted that there will be a random odd one or two pictures in the "sliding film strip" that for some reason are not "pushable" upwards.

    Any insights greatly appreciated!


    Zahari M
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    01-22-2014 11:51 PM
  2. Gaurav Paul's Avatar
    AFAIK its not supposed to do anything. Well noticed though. As for me I'm not bothered by that. So couldn't care less.
    01-23-2014 12:08 AM
  3. Zahari M's Avatar
    Hi Gaurav

    Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

    I see that you have posted quite a few hundred posts.... so I'm assuming your quite familiar with things in the Windows Phone world?

    I've only had my Lumia 1520 for about week and coming from an iPhone, I am not certain who the various experts and personalities are in the Windows Phone world that I could direct this question to..... I really would like to know more about this behavior!

    Would you know if there are any friendly notable Microsoft developers / employees that maybe have a blog that I could try reaching out to via email to ask them about this?

    01-23-2014 03:51 AM

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