1. JuicedSid's Avatar
    Hi, i have a 520 Lumia. i have backed up all the data via skydrive.
    my phone went faulty and get sent away for repair. it came back fixed and with latest SW, but i have an issue...

    When booting up it doesn't ask for WiFi password before i sign into my Microsoft account ( like it does on my sons 1520 lumia - before he gets to sign in, should my 520 also ask for wifi?) ..
    i try to use my sim data plan but there is an issue here as well.
    i am on giffgaff (which is a subset from O2) , and the phone defaults the connection to O2 without any option to change it during boot- which wont let me use the sims data.
    only once the phone is booted fully i can then go to settings and switch it to "giffgaff" and then the sim data works, but at this point i cannot restore backup as i have read it has to be done during boot (for some stupid reason).

    i can logong to microsoft after i change, but i cant find anyway to restore a backup (only during 1st boot options)

    so if its not asking for wifi before the microsoft account logon, and i cant restore with sim data due to the netowork not being selectable before the microsoft account sign in during boot.... how do i restore my backup ????????????????????????
    someone please help
    01-23-2014 01:32 PM
  2. Symeonify's Avatar
    This trouble got resolved in the preview update 3, it ask for wifi network before the MS login and restore options. You could install it, or wait for lumia black update.
    01-23-2014 02:02 PM

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