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    Hello Everyone,

    I Don't Post on forums so often so forgive me if I don't do it the best way, But I found a topic I thought that it would be useful to many people to speak about.

    The Main topic is: Error Code 8000fff...

    First of all, What is this error..?
    Error 8000fff is a error code that arises with people who format or swap their Windows Phone Devices with another & then attempt to restore their apps & Settings instead of having to download all of them.
    After they try to restore the apps, some apps may not be able to restore & gives the above error code which might be annoying if couldn't be solved.

    Ok, I guess for who didn't face this error code or haven't noticed the code when it appeared to him what it's about...

    Hmm, Maybe some can say it's not the big problem or the most serious one; trust me when I say that it will when you have over 150 apps & most of them got this problem.

    So Now to the Imp Point, Can this be solved & what's been said about this...
    Mostly, the most trusted say about this error is that the app is supposed to be removed from the store & no longer available for download...
    & if this isn't the case that most probably will be...

    Ok now, Let's see how this may be solved by...
    First of all, Their is a step that most probably you will use, but when we will get to that ill mention it.

    Solution A:
    You can long press on the application that gives this error & It will give you an option to Retry Or Cancel
    First of all, we will press the retry option & if it starts fine, if it gives the error then it won't download...
    Now if you have few amount of apps that got this error & your sure they are still present in the store then you can press the cancel option after the long press & search manually in the store for them & download them...
    But this option can be left as the last step after another solution in case of many apps giving wrong error codes...

    Solution B
    Another solution I tried & seem to worked with Most of the many error codes I had came through...
    Is that you can change the region from the setting menu & ill mention bellow the exact steps, this seems to help with the apps that got regional availability.
    Steps: Go to Settings > System > Language & Region > Change Country/Region
    After this step, if still you have some apps with the error code & as i said your sure they are still not removed from store, You can use step A for the rest.

    Side Help to Solution,
    To make sure that your apps is in the store or no in case you didn't find it by the WP Store, then Open the WindowsPhone.Com Website & search from the Online Store again for confirmation & that will tell you if the app is really removed from store or not available anymore in your region only.

    I guess that gets me to the end, I experienced this error my self & when i did some searches i found that some people was waiting for MS to help with this error for a while, even a long while with no reply & since some apps was important I found how important to get up this topic to everyone to benefit from it....

    Feel free to reply & post your thought & additions if you got & I would try to update the main solutions if I got through any helpful ones...

    If the Mods would see this topic is important & can benefit who is facing this problem, Feel free to stick it for the maximum benefit if you see that appropriate...

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    01-23-2014 07:48 PM
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    Thanks for sharing this information. It should be helpful to a lot of people.
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    01-23-2014 11:18 PM

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