1. fawzib's Avatar
    I haven't noticed any thread about the durability of Lumia 1520. Please share your experience with us and let us know how the device holds up against drops, water, heat, scratches and dents from everyday use.

    Personally, I feel with every iteration the polycarbonate covers keeps getting lighter and thinner and less resilient. Especially the screen, can crack from any drop. What do you think guys? Did nokia lose the superb build quality and durability in their last iteration?
    01-24-2014 06:33 PM
  2. Brian Richman's Avatar
    I pull it out of and back into a belt case kind of thing all the time. I do worry about it flying out of my fingers and onto the floor or me missing the case and it dropping.

    The screen glass sure does show up lots of thumb and finger prints; need to clean it more than most phones I have ever had.

    As for drops and bumps - don't drop and bump it too much.

    As ever with electronics, don't dunk it in water and it'll be OK..

    Not too helpful a report, but after two months it seems to be holding up to daily use, Better or worse than previous hardware? Look. All manufacturers are going to try and minimize cost over time, so yes, it feels less secure, but people seem to want thin and light feeling, so...
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    01-24-2014 07:46 PM
  3. fawzib's Avatar
    i always compare it to Lumia 920. Everyone hated how thick it is and neglected the fact they made it from thick polycarbonate! Even the glass is very thick, making it a moving tank. I don't believe thickness is a factor in buying a phone or should be mentioned as long as it is within certain limits and feasible. This is coming from a N900 user!

    EDIT: all other phones can resist a lot of water splashes and even showers! Check the iphone, it can even withstand 200C in an oven! Why can't Nokia do it anymore?
    01-24-2014 08:21 PM