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    I own a Red Nokia Lumia 920 in India (RM-821). I was running the Lumia Amber version 3047.0000.1326.2001. Ever since the Black Update started rolling out, I had been on my toes trying to get my L920 to update to the new firmware. However, everything that I tried, including sending my device to a Nokia Care Centre, bore no result. Even those people weren't able to understand as to why my phone wasn't showing any updates (manual updates kept showing 'Phone is up-to-date'). I looked up various forums that suggested changing the phone language+region was another trick to force the update. The Lumia System Updater app didn't help either. So as frustrated as I could be, I wanted to give it one last try and the last procedure I applied worked, with a few hiccups though! I hope this procedure works for anyone and everyone who hasn't been able to update their device even though the update is available in their country.

    Well! As hard as it might be for you, you have to restore your phone to factory settings! Be warned, before performing a reset you must back-up your phone to the cloud from the settings.

    1. Go to settings>Back-up and back-up whatever you like.
    2. Once you're done backing up, go to Settings>About> Reset your phone. The phone will restart automatically and restore factory settings, this may take a while.
    3. This is where I got stuck! My L920 got stuck on the spinning cogs and nothing could bring it back but the NSU method Suffering from the spinning cogs issue on a Nokia Windows Phone? There's a fix for that | Windows Phone Central . Remember to use this method only and ONLY if you're stuck on the spinning cogs and a soft/hard reset doesn't bring it back.
    4. Now it's all a breeze. Once your phone's back, set it up as you would normally. Don' restore your apps and settings just as yet. I didn't even sign in to my account.
    5. Switch on WiFi, connect. Then, Settings> Phone Update> Check for updates.

    After performing all of the above steps, my L920 could see the updates and download them flawlessly (with WiFi of course!). Right now I'm finally running Lumia Black on my device and it works like a charm. The above steps took me about 3 hours, mainly because I was stuck on the spinning cogs and could't get the phone to start up normally. Also, the NSU had to download the firmware, which was about 1.35GB, to get my phone back to life with factory settings.

    Hoping that this helps people in need! If there's anything else that you'd like to ask, please feel free to do so. I am no techie, so don't hate me if I've forgotten something here. There was no-one who could help me out, not even Nokia themselves, so here's me doing my bit! Cheers!
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    01-26-2014 11:27 AM
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    I'm glad you got it sorted.
    01-27-2014 12:38 AM

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