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    I have a Lumia 1020 which I bought from O2 and subsequently unlocked it so I could use it with my Three sim. Everything had been working fine for 3-4 months, but after I updated to GDR3 (through the developer program) I now cannot access internet at all other than wi-fi.

    On the top of the screen it says it's receiving an H+ signal and sometimes 3G - but whenever I try to browse the web or do anything data related, it won't work. I acquired the unlock code through eBay, but I don't think that's really relevant but thought I should add it.

    The problem only started surfacing after I updated early to GDR3 (still no official update here in the U.K). Do you think this is a carrier related problem or software? I did put my old Pay-And-Go O2 sim in, and cellular data worked just fine. It's like it's unlocked (I can make calls with the Three sim) but it is not allowing me to use any data.

    I'm on an unlimited data plan so there should be no restrictions. I've tried soft-resetting the phone and updating to Nokia Black but it hasn't fixed the issue.

    Advice please :)

    Edit: I just remembered it was after the black update which was when the problem started...
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    01-27-2014 01:53 PM
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    Check your access point settings.
    01-27-2014 02:21 PM
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    I had an similar issue. I have an unlocked phone from one carrier being used on a different carrier. Everything was working perfect before, but after the update MMS and Internet Sharing would no longer work. I had to go into Access point, create a new dummy connection, set it as active, remove my old carrier connection, and re-add it. After that everything was working again. Looks like the update overwrites some of the carrier settings, even though in Access point it appears still correct.
    01-27-2014 03:55 PM

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