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    Hello everyone!
    I am just going to write my experience (or rather a log) of updating my Dad's Lumia 520 to GDR3 +Black update so that maybe if some of you are having problems, you can see if they happened to me too and how they got fixed.

    I reside in India, and the Lumia Black + GDR3 update was just released here for the 520. I immediately went ahead to settings>Phone update and clicked "Check for Updates."
    It took a couple of minutes for the phone to check (some info just in case if anyone needs it, I have a 4Mbps broadband and the phone was connected over WiFi). Once it was finished checking, I was prompted with a notification asking me to dismiss/postpone the update or download it right now.
    I clicked download and so it began downloading. There were a few hiccups initially. The update wouldn't download (it would just sit at 0% forever) and when it did, it was painfully slow. Maybe it was so because the servers were already seeding the update to many others.
    Anyway, I restarted my phone and started downloading the update. It was again very slow but eventually it finished.
    Then the phone showed "Preparing to install xx%" (not sure if this was the exact text).
    It took a couple of minutes to reach 100% but when it did, it almost froze there. It wouldn't go to the next step, it just sat at 100%. I looked up the issue, and found it usually takes upto 15 mins at this step.
    I locked the screen and kept the phone away. Some 30 mins later I checked it again and a popup showed me the different updates that were available.
    I pressed update, and the phone displayed "Restarting your phone..." (which again took a couple of minutes btw). The phone restarted and two spinning gears and a progress bar displayed the status of the installation. It took around 5 mins, and the phone restarted again. It then migrated my data back which took around 10 mins for me (might vary for you depending on how much stuff you've got on your phone). Then the phone booted up and I was presented with an "Update successful" screen.
    I went in and tried opening an app or two, but I noticed the phone was stuttering. A popup displayed that my phone needed to be restarted for the changes to be applied, and so it did.
    That was it. The phone restarted and I was presented with a toast (from extras + info) saying "Welcome to Lumia Black."

    And that's it. The phone works perfectly and I am very happy with the ability to close apps in the multitasking screen ^_^

    Good luck with your Lumia 520!

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    01-29-2014 08:01 AM
  2. ronty's Avatar
    I too,have updated my Lumia 520 in India today itself from GDR3 developer preview to Lumia Black . The process has been quite easy & quick except the fact that I got an error 2 times while downloading the update,even though my WiFi connection was working properly.
    Other than that,I have experienced no problems & I am very happy to find double tap to wake. :D
    01-29-2014 08:13 AM
  3. SlingLaker9811's Avatar
    Well written! I have just 1 question,when you double tap the phone, do you do it on the centre of the screen or anywhere?
    01-29-2014 08:15 AM
  4. krox1105's Avatar
    Well written! I have just 1 question,when you double tap the phone, do you do it on the centre of the screen or anywhere?
    I have tried it multiple times, and I can confirm that it works on ANY part of the screen.
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    01-29-2014 08:29 AM

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