1. Emix1988's Avatar
    I put Camera Grip on my 1020 and have it like that all the time.

    Battery from Camera Grip was empty and on my phone i had around 10%, i put both my phone and Camera Grip together on charger, lights on CG blinked few times and then my phone started to charge, now it's on 100%. But CG takes so long... 1st light was blinking, then 2nd, 3rd and now just 4th i guess that's ok?

    My question is why are they on little bit (with 4th blinking rn) and then they turn off for some time and come back on again, it's like that all the time. Is this normal? Both my phone and CG are on charger around 4-5 hours!
    01-30-2014 12:54 PM
  2. 6029KingStephen's Avatar
    I think it's because the grip stops charging when fully charged, the lights stop, then the phone discharges a bit and draws power from the grip, the grip is now not fully charged so starts charging again.
    01-30-2014 06:06 PM
  3. mickydale's Avatar
    I charge them separately... I think if you charge them together,what happens is, the phone charges first and then the grip, but it takes longer because the grip is constantly still trying to charge the phone as it discharges. Also, the grip does communicate with the phone , so it inherently seems to drain the charge faster. I keep the grip turned off until I need the boost...
    01-30-2014 09:03 PM
  4. Crasstoe's Avatar
    When the phone is fully charged, remember to hold down the battery button on the grip to stop the grip charging the phone (really no need) as this will stop the grip from charging and discharging at the same time.
    01-31-2014 05:29 AM

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