1. Mahi_Sap's Avatar
    Hi All,

    . This is my first thread n i wanna thank to WPCentral for this platform.

    My Q. When Can we hope Xpect Equilizar fr L520 r plz Suggest any Equlizar available Music Players fr L520. Listening Plain music with the default Preset is annoying with out Good Base.....
    02-05-2014 11:17 AM
  2. genuine555's Avatar
    I would also like to know why it is available on L720 for instance (extra EQ option when headphone is plugged in), but not for L520 ?

    Only existing EQ app in the store is this one :
    Equalizer | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    And it sucks. More like some software emulation of some eq presets, and off course, that sounds even worse.

    At first I thought it was just an API limitation, but now that I see L720 and up with EQ built into the Nokia software, I'm wondering why not for L520 ?
    02-05-2014 03:43 PM

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