1. benjaminleguina's Avatar
    I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 that is rejecting the code when I enter it in the pin code box but the mayor problem is that the attempts are not wasting. It does go lower than the 9th attempt. I already tried rebooting it and factory resetting it and the phone it goes back to the 10th attempts and again it doesn't go any lower the the 9th attempt. What can I do about this problem? Please help.
    02-05-2014 11:36 AM
  2. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Contact the person that gave you the unlock code it maybe an issue with the code.
    02-08-2014 12:57 PM
  3. vimukthi999's Avatar
    im pretty sure ur code is not ryt
    02-09-2014 06:03 AM
  4. Asvin Peiris's Avatar
    Any luck? Same exact problem.

    Got the code from ATT.
    09-10-2015 06:13 PM

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