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    I loved my Lumia 920. I had received the CC-1043 case before anyone, and it caused a minor stir when I posted photos of it on these very boards. I loved the wireless charging, and the fantastic camera. I loved the solid battery life, and the fact it was built like a brickhouse. But, now, after having the Lumia 920 since November of 2012 (the longest I've had a single cell phone since the iPhone 3GS) I have moved on. Gone is the 920, traded into BestBuy this evening. I'll miss that phone, as it was easily the best cell phone I've ever used.

    I've moved into a brand new Lumia 1520. 16GB variant, black in color. Loaded a 64GB SanDisk MicroSD card into it, and am loading my music library onto it as we speak. I love the larger screen (okay, lets be honest, it's freaking massive in comparison) and the form factor. After 24 hours, I'm happy to have made the decision to pick this one up.

    In closing, I just wanted to say I'll miss my 920. It never guided me wrong, and always worked for me. Enjoy your 920's people. It's a rock solid device!
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    Goodbye to lumia 920 and say hello to lumia 1520. Great move since lumia 920 was a flagship phone from nokia in 2012. Now back in 2014. Lumia 1520 is still the best windows phone ever build. 3rd row of live tiles on this beast look gorgeous (ohh 1080 full hd display umm ). But I am still waiting for a 4.5-5 " screen size with same sd 800 chipset with 32gb flash storage , 16-20MP pure view camera with lossless zooming , built in wireless charging , it should be tank like 920 and oh it should run windows phone 8.1 preinstalled , in other words I am waiting for new cellphones by nokia/Microsoft. Enjoy your lumia 1520 dude ;)
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