1. carlosrdd's Avatar
    Hey guys, I just got my 1020 a few days ago and today I noticed black dots all over the screen. They show up when looking at a picture of a black background with screen brightness set to low. I did some searching and found out that most amoled phones have this. There are lots of people complaining about the S3 and note 3 but no one seems to notice on the 1020. So my question is did I get a defective 1020 or do you guys see it too?
    02-07-2014 12:39 AM
  2. downup's Avatar
    I got around 5 in the upper part :( .
    02-07-2014 02:15 AM
  3. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    That not normal I would advice to get a replacement or send it to Nokia care.
    02-07-2014 02:59 AM
  4. troylytle's Avatar
    I've got it too. It will bother me eventually to the point where I have them replace it.
    02-07-2014 03:05 AM
  5. infestedd's Avatar
    i dont recomend an replace if the rest of the phone is ok. I had an bad experience with an 928 i sent to nokia care because of the amoled stains. The phone came back with an smaller stain, but the back side of the phone had some scratches, and the screen too. So the problem can get bigger, because of something that almost all amoled displays have.

    My 1020 had an medium size stain at the top, i dont plan sending it to nokia care except if the phone shows another problem, and i would HAVE to send it
    02-07-2014 07:23 AM
  6. berty6294's Avatar
    Are you guys talking about the ghosting that appears when your ambled screen displays blacks? Cause that's very normal for that technology...
    Games Goblin likes this.
    02-07-2014 09:29 AM
  7. ssapre's Avatar
    I noted that with my Dell Venue Pro as well. That looks like normal and you would see it in that kind of screen.
    02-07-2014 10:36 AM
  8. carlosrdd's Avatar
    It's just annoying when watching dark scenes in movies or dark pictures. I counted at least 6 small spots. I'm not sure if I should get it replaced thru AT&T since I read it could be worse and it's basically a gamble on what you get....
    02-07-2014 02:37 PM
  9. Commander Fresh's Avatar
    The reality is that if you're using an AMOLED screen, 9/10 times you'll wind up with these black spots. I wouldn't recommend that you go for a replacement unless they're extremely distracting; the odds that you won't have a single black dot is practically naught. However, there is a good chance you'll wind up with a screen that are even worse in terms of the black spots.
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    02-07-2014 05:31 PM
  10. Moiz Mian's Avatar
    Yea, it's normal. But you can get lucky. My friend's 928 has the black spots, and I was worried i would have the spots when I upgraded from my 920 to 1020, but my 1020 has no black spots. Or if there are, they are too subtle to see!
    02-07-2014 09:40 PM
  11. AV2RY's Avatar
    L928. Got those spots as well. But I don't care about them at all
    02-07-2014 09:47 PM
  12. waltzik's Avatar
    Mine has a single dot and i can only see it when am in a dark room with a totally black background. it's just a upper corner of my phone opposite the front facing camera side. Initally was thinking it's dead pixel i hear of bt nice to know it's norma
    02-09-2014 07:55 AM
  13. Ixia's Avatar
    I had mine replaced. There were a few black spots and some wiggly lines, I could only see them on a dark background in an unlit room. I didn't know it was a common occurrence at the time and went straight for a replacement. Given what I paid for the phone, I wanted it to be near perfect!
    02-09-2014 06:21 PM
  14. AndrewL920's Avatar
    This is why I do not like AMOLED. Yes it has deep blacks but the life span, durability is bad. It also suffer in burn in and more prone to dead.stuck pixel.
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    02-09-2014 07:44 PM
  15. berty6294's Avatar
    This is why I do not like AMOLED. Yes it has deep blacks but the life span, durability is bad. It also suffer in burn in and more prone to dead.stuck pixel.
    Ehhh most of that isn't true anymore. I always shoot for AMOLED because in all the AMOLED devices I have owned, I have never once experienced burn in, any dead pixels, and every single one of them is still alive and as beautiful as they were when I purchased them! Now LCD on the other hand, I have never owned one that didn't have a dead pixel.
    02-09-2014 11:28 PM
  16. Demonchld's Avatar
    I see this too when the camera loads that black screen before it loads its black dot galore -_-
    02-10-2014 01:20 AM
  17. luisfarelo's Avatar
    I have lots of black spots on my Samsung Ativ S, but it's not really an issue as I can only detect them in my dark bedroom, watching Youtube, or some other dark grey background, but it's a pity that Amoleds have this problem still
    05-12-2014 01:48 PM
  18. FBirraque's Avatar
    All 1020 that I tested had black spots.
    05-13-2014 10:06 PM
  19. atherosxd's Avatar
    Have it too.
    05-18-2014 09:20 AM
  20. Games Goblin's Avatar
    I saw the same "spots" on my brother's 822 - I could see it when the phone displayed a picture or background which was completely black - thought it was a defect, but upon reading through the forums, it appears it is a trait of the AMOLED technology.
    05-18-2014 09:51 AM

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