1. fiedel's Avatar
    Has any one got your phone replaced by nokia? Here is my experience.

    I'd been struggling with my Lumia 920 for battery issue since I bought it the second day it became available @att. I tried reboot, reset, update firmware, but none of them helped. I turned to att service center. The guy checked it and told me it must have been caused by some malware so they loaded a clean firmware in. But it didn't help.

    As a long-term nokia phone user, I believed nokia should be more dependable. I contacted nokia and sent it for repair. It didn't help. I contacted them again and they suggested me to send it for a second repair. I did, but it didn't help, or, to be more accurate, it got even worse. I contacted nokia and was told I should send it for the third time. I was told if the problem didn't get fixed in two times, the phone could be replaced. Since they were expierencing a web problem with the repair request submission functionality that even the agent could not get through, after three weeks I was able to send the phone to their repair center (because ). After one week I contacted nokia for the status of the process (because I didn't receive any information about the repair), I was told the phone was still being repaired. I was told the decision was made by the Nokia-trained technicians. I don't wanna be offensive, but the truth is everytime the phone came back from the repair center with a proof that it had been repaired and fully tested. Will they ever confirm a problem to be unrepairable and authorize a replacement?
    02-07-2014 12:00 PM
  2. scottitude's Avatar
    I got an L920 warranty replacement from AT&T due to a problem with random restarts that got progressively worse.

    I suspect it's a refurbished unit but cosmetically it looks brand new, functions perfectly, and hasn't self-rebooted once.

    When I have a problem, I always start with the carrier. It's worked well for me so far.
    02-07-2014 12:21 PM

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