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    Its been a month since I got myself a brand new lumia 920. Its batteruy is draining heavily. Here are my observations.

    Once I charge it fully and leave it idle,the battery will go on for a long time. The moment I start using it, for maybe like five minutes, the battery drains so much. On continuous usage,it might last maybe 2-3 hrs for simple things such as playing a game with the worst graphics,taking calls or texting.I did almost every battery saving measure found on the internet to prevent this but nothing works. I did numerous soft resets and 2 hard resets which didnt work either. Also,for some days my battery app shows time remaining only around 16 hrs,earlier it showed 1 day 15 hrs(though it never went that long).Thinking it as a firmware issue, I reflashed it to an Indian firmware(IT HAD OMAN FIRMWARE EARLIER) but that didnt work either.
    If I use it and it starts draining, it drains a little more after stopping usage before it becomes completely stable again or after usage if I reset my phone, around five percent battery is lost and it will stop draining if I dont use it(earlier it used to lose around 10 percent on a reboot).
    Is it a bad battery straightaway? I suspect bad battery but I thought I would make sure before having to pay for the repair as I voided my warranty.
    Thanks to anyone who helps.
    02-09-2014 06:46 AM
  2. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    02-09-2014 08:31 AM

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