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    Finally updated from my buggy cyan 920 to a white 1520 on AT&T. Went through the Microsoft store,extended a 2 year contract, and walked out with the device for $110. Very pleased with it so far, yet still getting used to the gigantic proportions. My 920 got sick with spinning gears during the last updated, which messed with my backup/restore. Sadly, my texts, apps, some non sky drive pictures were lost when I logged into the 1520. After some time with the nokia recovery tool, the 920 is up and running and currently waiting an unlock code from AT&T.

    After reviewing the sticky thread on bugs & factory defects, I cant find any info about USB cables . Much of the time it wont recognize when I plug it into a USB cable, whether it be with one of the 2 nokia charging cable and plugs, a PS4 cable, or an LG one I have laying around. Once I reset the phone, it will begin charging or then my Surface will recognize it. It is quite annoying to say the least, but the battery life is tremendously better then my 920 so im not always running to charge it every chance I get. I also noticed some websites have trouble rendering correctly. specifically Facebook, right sides of pictures and some titles/words are being cut off. And u cant zoom in or out on the Facebook site. Is their any apps that feature true 1080 HD videos? I've read Netflix, Flixster and YouTube are limited to 720 HD, is that true? Engadget featured today a great 3min + video that was filmed on a new 4K camera, and it look spectacular, but not sure if I was actually viewing it in the full 1080.

    A quick search and buy through amazon, I ordered 1 cheap & 1 expensive 10ft white micro usb cable and hopefully ill have better luck. Also ordered the Nokia Protective Cover CP-623, and an Armourshield (case friendly) protective cover (had great experiences with this product on my Surface). All and all, I love the phone, I miss the cyan, but already this phone is earing my praises.

    Random WP app question... Anyone know an app that will have my background theme change automatically, like LIGHT during the day and DARK at night? I've been wanting that since my HD7 days.
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    02-10-2014 01:04 AM
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    Nice review! I always like to see reviews by actual users, not just tech bloggers.
    02-10-2014 03:17 AM

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