1. gremlingswe's Avatar
    Hi, just got the 2nd Lumia 1520 ( 5 days ago), the first one got DOA becuse it liked rebooting it self at random times..

    Well yesterday i noticed that the replacement likes restarting it self also. I comfirmd it today when it was on the tabel all day, and suddenly it wanted me to enter my password.

    is this a common problem? and / what can cause it?
    I have tryd factory resets, dont seem to be working.

    I love the 1520..Just dont want it to restart.. It happend once during an exam in school, dont want that to happen again
    02-13-2014 06:18 AM
  2. maj71303's Avatar
    I don't know what is happening as mine has been rock solid from day one. Make sure to check your apps to see if one of them is causing it. Also beware of some TPU cases as some of them cause over heating of the device if it can't breath and I also found out that using TPU and like cases can case condensation on phones in general. It was something to definitely figure out that because of the heat the phones generate sometime because of high activity moments that the TPU and other rubber like cases trap that heat and when the phone cools it turns into condensation.

    That is not good for a phone and can cause problems which a lot of folks don't realize but I have duplicated it on a Lumia 920 and an iPhone 5C of my wife. It can happen in any climate and especially if you are in a humid environment or going from hot to cold going in an out of buildings. I now go strictly with hard plastic cases that dissipate the heat better and doesn't cause the phones to trap the heat. If your case is a little damp on the inside that contacts the phone or just a little sweat your phone can't breath and you can cause the same water damage and holding it in the rain.
    02-13-2014 08:41 AM

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