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    I love T-Mobile... we have been with them for 10 years and have no intentions of switching. And here is one reason why.

    My wife had the HTC Radar Windows phone. She really liked the idea of Windows on her phone as it was so familiar. It just made the whole experience easier for her. When it came time to upgrade she wanted a larger screen and more updated Windows phone experience. We got her the Nokia Lumia 925. Not a month after we got the phone she had issues with it not charging. T-Mobile exchanged it for a brand new one. Not the usual refurbished exchange... but a brand new one. Well, this week, while on a ski trip in Utah, that 925 went haywire as well. She was in a panic as she couldn't get her emails or, of course, have the use of a phone unless she borrowed one. She called me on a friends phone in a total panic.

    I called T-Mobile immediately and explained the issues we had experienced with the 925. They got me connected to a Supervisor who took all of 5 minutes to exchange her Lumia for the new Sony Experian Z1s. Granted, she will no longer be on Windows, but will have (hopefully) a phone that will not have the issues she experienced with the 925. All that said, my hats off to T-Mobile for the super service and understanding when a customer truly has an issue that effects their lives. My wife's phone is a lifeline to our kids. She communicates with them consistently and keeps track of them when they aren't at home. She can't afford to have a phone that has issues. So, again, I sincerely appreciate T-Mobile's ability to recognize and understand that.
    02-15-2014 09:44 AM
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    02-16-2014 04:19 AM

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