1. BubbaSkywalker's Avatar
    Hi All..

    Please excuse my "ignorance" for I am a total newbie to the mobile world.

    I bought a pre-paid Lumia 521 from T-Mobile about 10 months ago. I am on the $30 per month no-contract plan. I really love the 521, but am interested in upgrading to the 925. I bought a No-contract (T-Mobile) 925 from NewEgg but am not sure what to do next ?? After doing some initial research on the forums, it looks like I just take the SIM card from the 521 and put it into the 925 ?? Is it that simple or am I going to run into problems or some sort of additional setup stuff on the 925 ??

    Any thought or suggestions would certainly be appreciated !
    02-23-2014 08:03 PM
  2. mark233's Avatar
    You should have no problems. I had a 521 with same plan. Just put the sim card that's now in your 521 and put it in the 925. You can back up your 521 first and when you get the prompt to set up the 925 you'll have the choice to start over with only pre-installed apps or reinstall the back up from the 521. All the apps will install. Me, I just started from scratch on the 925. You can reinstall apps later. Your choice. You'll still have the $30 plan activated..... on a very nice phone. It's a worthy upgrade.
    02-23-2014 08:50 PM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    Yup, that's all. Just toss in the SIM and go!
    You will have to go through initial setup which is trivial and potentially redo some apps,,, but I'm not familiar with that. it should be smooth regardless.
    02-23-2014 10:45 PM
  4. hawonjung's Avatar
    Put the SIM card and everything else should be updated once you get it going. WP has ability to restore apps

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    02-24-2014 12:08 AM
  5. Draganta's Avatar
    I have bought the 925 from ShopHQ, with T-mobile, and when i registered the new sim, I got a deal that is only for new phones: 30 bucks for 100 mins/sms and 5 gb data (unlimited 3G after that). I think that is a pretty sweet deal, but I am not sure if it is only for the first month though.
    02-26-2014 07:30 PM
  6. hawonjung's Avatar
    That's a standard plan via web, you can keep using it

    Sent from my RM-917_nam_usa_100 using Tapatalk
    03-01-2014 11:36 PM
  7. BubbaSkywalker's Avatar
    Hi All,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. My work takes me out of town and I just got back. Your advice was right on the money and the phone swap went great. You saved me a lot of worry while I was waiting to upgrade... which was much appreciated. The 925 is turning out to be a wonderful phone. As much as I liked the 521 (and I really did like it), the 925 does indeed shine in some areas that the 521 lacked as an entry level phone. To any other "newbies" reading this... the Nokia 521 & 925 are both wonderful phones. I can certainly recommend either.

    Thanks again for your help !!
    04-12-2014 01:04 PM

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