1. anon(8567512)'s Avatar
    I am guessing that this is properly a WP8 question, but having the Icon, and being new to WP8 (and therefore not knowing if all of these settings are by phone model or across the platform) I figured I'd start by posting it here. My question is, when I add my yahoo mail account through the basic email setup on the phone, will I receive notifications when mail arrives? I know that I could just send myself mail and see, but there are two reasons why this isn't a perfect way to get an answer. First, I am having issues getting other email pushed, and therefore don't always get notifications from the other accounts. Second, there is no push option for yahoo, but you can select it to check the server every so often- with 15 minutes being the shortest.

    I don't want there to be an audible notification. My yahoo mail is more of a junk account than anything. There is no option under settings for it to turn notifications on or off, so I am wondering (and hoping) if it simply doesn't have an audible notification?

    Thanks for the help.
    02-28-2014 12:41 AM
  2. anon(8567512)'s Avatar
    I can answer this question now for anyone else interested... yes it does give an audible notification. Despite not getting my push notifications a lot, the test email I sent came through at exactly 15 minutes (the time I set it to do so). And it gave the same email notification as my other email. Since there is no option to turn the notification off, I would assume that the only way to avoid it is to set the yahoo account to manual sync only. Though apparently even that will give an audible notification when you manually sync. :( But it is still a better option than any of the yahoo apps I have found on the app store I guess.
    02-28-2014 12:52 AM

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