1. Barinderjot Kharoud1's Avatar
    I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 black and just recently my phone has been having a problem with the speaker. When i turn on the speaker the other party cant hear me. Also when i try to search Bing using voice recognition it wont recognize it. I have tried to contact AT&T and they said its out of warranty. I have tried to factory reset the phone 5 times, but no luck. Any solutions?
    03-02-2014 09:18 PM
  2. borasar's Avatar
    The second (speaker mic) is probably faulty or broken. Nokia Suite has diagnostics that might help you verify that. Probably time to reach out to Nokiacare
    03-03-2014 09:15 AM
  3. Mantraxalos's Avatar
    It sounds like a mic issue that has been popping up.
    Here is the latest thread where its being discussed. Most noticed the problem with the upgrade to Black.

    How is your phone out of ATT warranty since it was released in the summer 2013?
    03-04-2014 12:14 PM

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