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  1. josemon's Avatar
    Will u please help me.. Last day my phone freezes and I did a soft reset. After that when i check my photos in camera album,the images are not there. But I can see the images via camera app. The Images are missing from camera album. When its connected to PC,images are still thr. I have done this steps also...

    Turn skydrive off temporarily (Photos > Camera Roll > ... > skydrive settings > Don't upload).
    Open Nokia Camera app.
    Tap ...
    Tap settings.
    Tap Find photos and video shot with Nokia Camera.
    Wait until the progress bar disappears.
    Close Nokia Camera app.
    Turn skydrive back to on.

    But still i cant see my images in camera album..
    03-18-2014 03:22 PM
  2. E12_T's Avatar
    hye there.. it is sad to hear your problem. Maybe i can give you a few step, i'm not sure whether it helps or not, but you can try. You said, when you connected phone to PC, you're available too see your photo right? means your photo is there, it's not missing. Try this step fella.. :)
    1) connected your phone to your PC
    2) copy or move all your photo album to your PC
    3) disconnect your phone from PC and turn off your phone. You can also make a soft reset if you want. make sure you remove all your files first.
    4) connect again your phone to PC
    5) then, transfer all your files to your 1020.

    i hope this method can help you.. i've try this before, when my lumia freeze. But then, i use this method and made it. TRY!! :D
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    03-22-2014 09:02 PM

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