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    By what Ive seen, each country has its own local Microsoft server, so changing to a different server in a different country will solve the problem by giving you a different WORKING server in a first world country, but will also give you access to apps that are not available in your country...if anyone is interested.

    how to do this: simply change your region by going: "settings">"language+region">change "Country/Region" to "United States" (personally i find the United States Microsoft server the most reliable i have tried but i haven't tried all of them)>then reboot (switch off and on again or restart).....{on a side note (if you want your phone to give the day and date eg: "Thursday 20 March" on your lock screen and not just the date, you may want to change your "Regional format" to "Singapore (English)" as this will give you the day (eg Tuesday) as well as the full date eg: "Thursday 20 March" on your lock screen}

    by doing this myself, i not only solved the download issue (i have yet to encounter it again) but also got me access to more apps, such as more yr.no weather apps for example, but i also lost access to MY local apps such as (in my case): Ster Kinekor

    Note: you will want to change your date and time to manual if its set to automatic as you will have the wrong time and date, to do so, go: >"settings">"date+time">turn off "Set automatically">then set your correct date and time.

    i don't know if this will help anyone but i would have liked to be given this information when i was having the download issue without having to Google a ton of suggestions and try them all to see what works best. took me ages...also been trying to get the day and date to display for ages... finally figured it out.
    03-20-2014 02:50 PM
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    How did this get to the Lumia 1020 forums? I posted it in the windows apps section... How did I make such a big error?

    Please mods, how do I move this thread to windows phone apps? Or should I just copy, paste and post again in the right place?

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    03-21-2014 02:43 PM

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