1. wb3052's Avatar
    Hi, on my unlocked international htc 8x I am not getting any response at all when checking for os and firmware update.
    Same whether I'm subscribed or not to developer preview.
    Just the message "checking for updates......." even after 5 minutes.
    Anyone encountered the same no response? Thanks.
    04-11-2014 11:27 PM
  2. Anirudh Dwarakanath's Avatar
    What's your OS version? I have an 8X too, and I once felt I had such a problem too.
    Do you have a slow internet connection?
    04-11-2014 11:34 PM
  3. wb3052's Avatar
    OS is 8.0.10521.155. Wonder whether its a regional update server issue.
    My internet is fine. Even Windows explorer on my phone is quick enough.
    04-12-2014 12:19 AM
  4. Anirudh Dwarakanath's Avatar
    Funny this......
    There is no reason this should happen..
    Where do you live? Could be a regional problem.
    04-12-2014 01:32 AM
  5. FAHMI BASSEM's Avatar
    I had the same problem after downloading The preview for developers, try a soft reset, or just restart your phone.
    wb3052 likes this.
    04-12-2014 01:35 AM
  6. shmsnh's Avatar
    That is the latest update right now.
    04-13-2014 12:11 PM
  7. fly7's Avatar
    Same problem here. After 2-3min it shows again:
    Your phone is up to date. Last checked about 3 months ago.
    05-05-2014 08:13 PM
  8. Peter McNeill1's Avatar
    For the dev preview did you unlock your phone using the wp 8 sdk? Signing up and installing the app on your phone does nothing in itself, it just signs you up, you have to either pay for a dev licence or download the sdk from the devolopers site, install, and use the unlock prog from your PC and then you'll eventually get the 8.1 preview though updates.
    05-05-2014 10:28 PM
  9. fly7's Avatar
    All the tutorials says you don't have to do that: How to Install Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

    That worked with the GDR3 Preview too.
    05-08-2014 07:51 AM

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