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    Windows Phone is still an emerging platform, so if ATIV SE owners could leave reviews on the carrier website (positive or negative), it will show them that there are consumers interested in the OS and the hardware that runs it.

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    I actually own the ATIV SE and the ICON. I have proven that a wireless insert designed for the S4 does work in the ATIV. I have tested with LG, Nokia and TYLT wireless chargers and they all work perfectly. I have also tested my 64GB high speed microSD and it works fine as well. I have to disagree with you about the display versus the ICON display. I have had 5 Icons and all had some sort of defect but every one of them did not do well with whites. Usually they had a pink or yellow hue, but my ATIV SE is almost perfectly white and the colors are much better. The ATIV is also slightly brighter and is readable outside as well. I have also tested the Galaxy S4 battery and it is the same as the ATIV SE, so I can use my S4 external battery case and charger with the ATIV so that I don't have to carry around an external charger. Much easier to just swap out a fully charged battery. That gives me 5200 mah of power that can easily get me through the day while leaving my display on brightest setting if I want. I have already tested the battery life and can get through a full day of heavy use with about 30% left over. I could not make it through a full day with the ICON, plus I had to lug around an external charger or always be near an outlet.

    Feel in hand is better with the ATIV, speaker volume is very close to the ICON, call quality and signal strength have been the same for me as well. WiFi signal strength and connection is stable and strong. I have also tested the camera and outside shots on auto settings actually look crisper on the ATIV SE than the ICON. Of course the ICON does a little better with low light shots but the ATIV is no slouch. This is the same camera as the S4. I wish it had 32GB of internal storage but since you can move apps to the SD card in WP 8.1 I am not coming close to using up the internal memory. Listening to music through headphones on both sound equally good. The ICON certainly feels heavier and higher quality of build, but I actually like the feel and thinness of the ATIV over the ICON and now that I have Qi Wireless charging working I would definitely pick the ATIV over the ICON.

    Most of the Nokia apps will be available to all Windows Phones through the app store eventually so when the Nokia fanboys use that argument it means nothing. The other advantage for me is that the ATIV uses a Micro SIM so that I can easily swap between the ATIV and my Note 3. The ATIV has a nice led that shows charging status and has software that allows the user to beam photos and docs to Android or other Samsung devices. I don't use the IR blaster, but it is a nice feature that the Nokia doesn't offer. The major issue I have with the ATIV is that the media volume will not stay at 30 which is full volume, so anytime I stream music from Xbox Music I have to turn the volume up. Maybe that will be fixed when Verizon rolls out their 8.1 update. The battery life is pitiful with 8.1 as well. Before updating I would use about 1 to 2% of battery in standby at night and now with 8.1 it uses about 10%. Hopefully that is another fix along with fixing Xbox Music problems that everyone has been documenting in the Icon forum. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone that likes removable batteries and expandable storage. You will lose nothing by going with ATIV other than using the display with gloves or low light picture taking.
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    Is Nokia music available for download?

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    Nope. Not yet. Only on Nokia's right now. I found a 12 month subscription to Xbox Music on eBay for $59. Even though Xbox Music has some glitches with 8.1 it is still a more robust offering than Nokia Music.
    04-19-2014 02:43 PM

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