03-29-2016 05:57 PM
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  1. jasoner1141's Avatar
    Hi there, i am having the battery issue as well will look into the guide.

    Just to check does my battery drain life normal as compare to my HTC one M7. It drained way too fast.

    Below the comparison :

    Fligth Mode
    Lumia 1020 - 6 hrs ( 86 - 30%) - 9.3% / hrs
    HTC One - 6 hrs (84 - 83% )

    After Soft & Hard Reset

    Lumia 1020 - 7 hrs (90 - 36%) - 7.7% / hrs
    HTC One - 7 hrs (82 - 81%)

    After hard reset the battery life seem got some improvement
    How much normal battery draining as it drain really fast even in flight mode. Thanks.
    06-22-2015 10:44 PM
  2. Marko Marjanovic's Avatar
    *saving this to try later*
    06-22-2015 10:59 PM
  3. ahsan_aa's Avatar
    How would you suggest we go about calibrating our batteries?

    Thank you for all the detailed information..

    You think i can try the same procedure on my Lumia 1520 ?
    03-29-2016 10:30 AM
  4. ahsan_aa's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Yes you read right! I've waited a few weeks to be secure but now I get decent battery lifes on my 1020 (if you search a little bit, you can find out I had serious battery drain problems too!!) So I hope I can help you with this also remember it needs a few days to get the maximum out of it, it won't work immediately, so please don't comment negative things immediately, thx.

    My current settings:
    -my phone Signal is good most times (max. speed is set to 3G)-when its possible use wifi
    -bluetooth only when I need it (no big deal with the action center), NFC off, location on
    -DISABLED onedrive picture auto upload!
    -brightness auto, glance to peek and double tap to wake up off
    -disabled a few background tasks but not all (like whatsapp, fb, wheater flow, 6tag, wpcentral, mytube, battery, etc is on)
    -also I don't know if it matters, but I replaced my sim-card (I read that in very rare cases it caused a battery drain -->google) just FYI

    But to the main part:
    First of all I had draining issues, battery indicator percentage issues etc ( I also sent it to nokia care, but they only replaced my battery, nothing else but this is not important, because it doesn't matter). The Main problem of (my) lumia 1020 was the battery calibration by the OS itself!! Don't trust the battery percentage indicator, it's wrong! Your battery is ok but the wrong percentage causes that the OS thinks, it's empty, even when it's NOT. You don't believe me? Connect it to Nokia Care Suite, set your device to TEST mode and make a "charging test", when you read your battery state, you will see a different percentage (than the one on your phones screen). So what can you do?
    -Charge your Phone to 100% with flight mode. leave it on 100% for another hour before unplugging it.
    -Now use your phone as usual and decharge it to 0%
    -When the phone shut down by itself, it's actually not empty! When you try to turn it on again you will se the big blinking battery on the screen. Wait ~10-15 mins then it will turn on again (once my phone turned of with 0% and I got only the blinking battery, after 10 min I could turn it on, I had 13% left and could use it for another 6 hours! - This was what I meant with wrong calibration)
    -Repeat this until your phone is dead (it doesn't vibrate anymore when trying to turn it on), now when you charge it, the windows button led will blink for a few minutes
    -Charge the phone again to 100% without an interruption and leave it again an addtional hour
    -Repeat all the steps mentioned here at least 5-6 times (charging-decharging until dead-charging- ...) therefore I said it wont work immediately. Patience please!!

    Only by this way you can tell your OS/Firmware/Phone what 100% are and 0%. The high drain comes from that your phone is e.g. thinkig that at 40%it's empty and it turns off which is not true, but it shows you it went from 100 to 0.

    But remember, also when I updatet it to 8.1 I had a few charges with a terrible life again but now after a week it got normal again. Sometimes the OS needs some time for hisself ;)

    I hope I could help you and share this please if it worked for you! I put a lot of effort in finding this solution :)

    Now with moderate/high use I get a round 5% per hour, so I can easily last a day. Using the phone not much I also managed a few times to get it last over 2 days and a few hours!! Which was unimaginable a month ago!!

    Greeting Julian
    Hi julian thanks for the great information,
    my problem here is that my battery doesnt even charge more than 82 % (even if i keep it more than an hour after reaching 82%, it`ll just go couple of %s more n be back to 82-83%)
    i dont really suspect the life of battery, since i can use my phone more than 6=7 hours when it keeps showing me the battery level below 10.

    I have started to believe your theory that its kindda false alarm (i mean showing the percentage of battery)

    what do you suggest me?

    thanks in advance :)
    03-29-2016 05:57 PM
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