09-20-2014 09:54 AM
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  1. Michelle Tang's Avatar
    It will be available in Finland on 10.7, 549 euros.
    06-25-2014 02:58 AM
  2. Roland Stoll's Avatar
    Mail from sparhandy.de (Germany): delivery delayed to... nobody knows... :(
    06-25-2014 03:24 AM
  3. HimemSys's Avatar
    Available in Norway 10.07. 540 €
    06-25-2014 03:54 AM
  4. grumtrias's Avatar
    Netherlands 19/07, Belgium 25/7 Best price so far EUR 499 + charging plate
    06-25-2014 03:59 AM
  5. FredBloggs007's Avatar
    Why can't WPCentral reach out to MS and find out what the delay is I mean surely they have contacts?!
    The dudes at WPC probably know a lot more than we think (notice the relative silence) and I'm sure it's because they have signed a non-disclosure agreement which is pretty common for tech journalists.
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    06-25-2014 04:15 AM
  6. mrdoubleb's Avatar
    Netherlands 19/07, Belgium 25/7 Best price so far EUR 499 + charging plate
    25/7??? Holy cow!
    06-25-2014 04:17 AM
  7. sandeepsb's Avatar
    Netherlands 19/07, Belgium 25/7 Best price so far EUR 499 + charging plate
    Wow 25th July for an April announced phone. Unbelievable.
    06-25-2014 04:17 AM
  8. Robert03's Avatar
    Looks like Friday 27 is the date for France. Nokia France removed the small pre order sign from here page. Referring to Darty with the 27th set as date.

    Lets hope it finally comes out
    06-25-2014 04:23 AM
  9. poiman's Avatar
    So now we are talking end of July? Not sure I can keep buying Microsoft products if even they don't respect what they have created... let alone their customers!

    I'm obviously ranting on twitter with Nokia and Microsoft. This has gone to far.
    Last edited by poiman; 06-25-2014 at 04:38 AM.
    06-25-2014 04:27 AM
  10. Robert03's Avatar
    No I'm talking about this Friday the 27th. A other store also seem to have set a date delivery the 1st (using there usual 5 day delivery time it makes it the 27th).

    Update: Found also a catalog that will be send out today or tomorrow from SFR http://www.bonial.fr/Catalogue/Paris...6557505#page=2 Nokia 930 is listed there on 2 pages http://www.bonial.fr/Catalogue/Paris...557505#page=12
    06-25-2014 04:34 AM
  11. maverick786us's Avatar
    06-25-2014 05:12 AM
  12. SRMoore's Avatar
    Had to share, i got a little bored on twitter today with the "where's the Lumia 930" questions...

    Attachment 70093
    To be fair that did provide me with some amusement during a slow day at work lol
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    06-25-2014 05:16 AM
  13. thatuxguy's Avatar
    Launched, not released. The pre-orders will start on July 1st in Vietnam.
    06-25-2014 05:32 AM
  14. thatuxguy's Avatar
    We should all spam Nokia and Microsoft's twitter feed, demanding an announcement.

    @nokia @nokia_uk @Microsoft @MicrosoftUK @windowsphone @WindowsPhoneUK we want info on why the #lumia930 is delayed! Give us a release date!
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    06-25-2014 05:42 AM
  15. KPAkiller's Avatar
    Ive tweeted nokia and nokia_uk, I will do so every day from now on!

    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
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    06-25-2014 06:14 AM
  16. stickyshocker's Avatar
    I was promised by Nokia back in April that I could borrow one but now everytime I ask when I get to borrow it I get no reply.
    06-25-2014 06:18 AM
  17. KPAkiller's Avatar
    Nokia are so ignorant

    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
    06-25-2014 06:20 AM
  18. Aeons's Avatar
    I was promised by Nokia back in April that I could borrow one but now everytime I ask when I get to borrow it I get no reply.
    probably lands in the Steve Ballmers mailbox still. Speaking of which maybe the marketing team are waiting for Steve Ballmers ok to launch the N930. Someone forgot to send the memo out
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    06-25-2014 06:21 AM
  19. thatuxguy's Avatar
    06-25-2014 06:26 AM
  20. Roland Stoll's Avatar
    done :-)
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    06-25-2014 06:40 AM
  21. Racing Snake's Avatar
    here, add some likes to my comment on nokia's fb page too... on the "The #Lumia930 makes a guest appearance... " post.
    06-25-2014 07:03 AM
  22. thatuxguy's Avatar
    Hopefully our voices will be heard and we get some information! This is a complete shambles or a launch so far, and its not acceptable.
    06-25-2014 07:10 AM
  23. Pyroplan's Avatar
    Are there some cool bundles in Germany too?
    Just found the one on notebooksbilliger.de where is the L930 + fatboy wireless charger =/
    Saw some bundles here with headphone, soundbox and wireless charging station.. why not everywhere the same bundles =/
    06-25-2014 07:28 AM
  24. Robert03's Avatar
    Done also. Just a good explanation how, why, when would be something a pro community that supports Nokia and WP deserves after this time.
    thatuxguy likes this.
    06-25-2014 07:37 AM
  25. mrdoubleb's Avatar
    Joined the gang on twitter. Not expecting any real response though...
    poiman likes this.
    06-25-2014 07:39 AM
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