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    Hi good day to all , look I commented that I had the misfortune to make my first purchase online and has been a rev3 touchscreen for my Nokia Lumia 620, I had my doubts that I had read enough complaints and others but good cheapskate that I am I decided to buy it. Turned out to be a Chinese imitation, if the screen is not sooo bad , but I came NG vertically touchscreen function is inverted ! Let the coordinates are those that are inverted .. From top to bottom , instead horizontally and do not .. Obviously the corresponding claim because publication of ML say that the screen is 100 % original, is not it! But they say that should not have misplaced this screen or the other thing , and defraud people , good order as I said this inverted vertically , I was reading a lot on forums and trying to find the solution stop me with this in internet ..

    You open the firmware to modify the editor dragon face and loads the firmware to edit , you go to advanced settings, then " system settings " , you will open the file script.bin . Then look for the following lines :

    [ ctp_para ]
    ctp_used = 1 (1 or 0 according to this on or off the touch)
    ctp_name = " gt811_ts " (name of driver ic touch here GT811 )
    ctp_twi_id = 1 ( do not touch these lines )
    ctp_twi_addr = 0x5d ( not touch these lines )
    ctp_screen_max_x = 800 (horizontal resolution of the screen)
    ctp_screen_max_y = 480 (vertical resolution of the screen)
    ctp_revert_x_flag = 0 ( if we write 1 we invest touch horizontally)
    ctp_revert_y_flag = 0 ( if we write 1 we invest touch vertically)
    ctp_exchange_x_y_flag = 0 ( if we write one reverses the XY coordinates)

    The first thing to check is that the horizontal and vertical resolution in the script matches the resolution of our lcd screen, the most common for 7 "tablets is 800 480 although this and popularizing the 1024 600, if the resolution not for the touch of the finger will look bad record.

    If the touch screen is vertically inverted ctp_revert_y_flag change the value , and if this change ctp_revert_x_flag inverted horizontally , in some cases the two are reversed . If this does not work , leave the values ​​at the beginning and edit the entry ctp_exchange_x_y_flag .

    This is an example of what you mean to imply, that I quoted is for editing allwinner firmware and I thought that the only way to not take the disappointment of never again able to use either my lumia 620 could also edit the firmware lumia 620, but how? I have no idea how to open it nor to modify it, I try to access the settings of the touch, or is editing via software to invest vertically from the driver or the driver for the touch, and so could be used FINALLY well my phone, anyone would be so kind as to give me a hand? I want help to do it! I do not ask you do, in any way.

    From already thank you very much, Cristian.

    PD: I think the idea is good plus it might help people with the same problem as me! That sure will be many.
    04-27-2014 02:11 PM
  2. kjnoel's Avatar
    Trying to understand what's written but for some reason I can't.

    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
    04-27-2014 03:10 PM
  3. Cristian Leyes's Avatar
    sorry but I use google translator to write, speak Spanish will try to explain again

    buy a touchscreen on the internet for nokia lumia 620 and got touchscreen missed this the other way around vertically where I press my mark on the finger vertically opposite side, which you can edit a firmware I believe to work on my touchscreen failed?
    04-27-2014 06:46 PM

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