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    So I just bought a 1020. I wanted to wait for the next one but needed a smartphone now and wanted to give WP a go again (had a Lumia 710 a few years ago). Was just looking for general tips. I will probably go with 8.1 as the first thing I do. I'm aware of some bugs etc, I think I can live with them for the moment. Any good apps that people recommend? I want to try and keep things free for the moment.

    Any help appreciated.


    - Whoops title typo.
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    05-11-2014 06:37 AM
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    Hey welcome to wpcentral and congratulations for your lumia 1020. What type of apps are you looking for in windows phone store ?
    05-11-2014 06:42 AM
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    Yea I guess I should of gone into that.

    Main uses are
    transit (Im in australia any apps for big aussie cities would be good)
    Music, played locally. (I've been told about Extreme music app, any good?)
    Calendar (any good free ones)
    Sport (football/soccer mainly)
    Note taking

    Any other good apps that people find interesting/ood I would be also willing to check out.

    Also any tips on Battery management?

    05-11-2014 07:01 AM
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    For YouTube, Metro Tube is the one I prefer, it's very close to an official app. For note taking, OneNote has you covered, as you would know, but Evernote is also a good alternative. Instagram is available officially. For PDFs the built in PDF reader app should do the job. Bing Weather and Bing Sport are 2 apps I recommend for weather and sport. There's a built-in calendar in WP.
    A good transit app would be the HERE Transit app. Also, the other HERE apps are worth checking out.
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    05-11-2014 07:23 AM
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    Sofa Score is a nice sports scores app.... Prefer 6tag over the official Instagram app.... You got the 1020 so I am going to go ahead and suggest HD photo viewer...And there are alot of good camera and editing apps... I use Fantasia alot and HDR photo camera .... THere truly are alot of good free photo apps...I use Cal for my calendar
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    05-11-2014 09:48 AM
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    don't just jump in with 8.1 preview because then you have no reference point to a fully working tested and developed o/s against a developer preview that hasn't been released for a specific device and apps haven't been fine tuned to run on it properly , it works well , but it caused big battery drain on my 1020 and for a new user to just install the dev preview might give the new user the impression that the 1020 isn't as good and smooth as it should be ;-) please note I installed a clean install and didn't restore a back up 8.1 is fresh and funky and has some great features but its also a dev preview meant for devs to get their apps ready for 8.1 and to test them on devices ;-) by all means install it you can downgrade but I just think installing it straight away is a bit of a bad idea ;-)

    as for tips

    defo set up your home screen right , it might take time , but a fully working personalised home screen will help you get the most out of windows o/s

    turn auto back up on as with inbuilt storage if there is an error your pics are gone forever , onedrive works great and the pc version sits there like another drive for easy copy and paste between pc and onedrive ;-)

    get a screen protector , gorilla glass is scratch proof not resistant ;-)

    make sure you have black installed and not amber as black takes raw images in dng format and the jpeg processing is much better ;-)

    have a good read of the forums loads of info over the pages ;-)


    audicloud - great soundcloud client
    tuneinradio - great for internet radio
    metrotube - great youtube client
    nokia camera - best camera app make sure its updated
    pro shot camera - another great camera app worth checking out
    6tag - great instagram app
    endomondo - great sports tracking app
    gmaps - great google maps app that can work with nokia maps to get voice directions
    tile live score - great for following a certain sports team
    nokia mix radio - great music app and music player well worth using
    flashlight-x - flashlight app though be careful as when camera is activated ois is activated so prolonged useage wont be great for the device

    have a look through the store , many great apps like movie apps , music apps that let you download items and playback through the device ;-) also don't forget to check the collections section of the store , there is a red stripe discount section and a nokia section which are both worth checking out as are the other collections ;-)
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    05-11-2014 10:30 AM
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    05-11-2014 11:07 AM

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