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    here we have a great read about the science of pureview tech in our beloved nokia 1020s and 808 nokia handsets ;-)

    last year there was a image sensors conference where some of the nokia team done a 20 minute presentation on the benefits of oversampling and the science of pureview ;-) its a very interesting read and worth grabbing a tea/coffee and having a little read if this kind of thing interests you

    it gets quite complex and goes into mathematical detail about why certain methods are better then others and its amazing to think all this went into our mobiles that sit in our pocket

    anyways enough jabbering by me here is the link

    and big thanks to the aas team for spotting it The science behind PureView oversampling in the 808 (and Lumia 1020)
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    for those that say smartphone cameras cant replace normal cameras there is some really interesting research in there from nokia that actually shows how oversampling in the 808 gave better sharpness then a slr by canon (eos) fitted with a l series lens set to 28mm and how they can improve on this tech in the future

    it also mentions how htcs method of using a normal size sensor with bigger pixels isn't as good as using a larger size sensor and smaller pixels with oversampling

    it really is a great read and very interesting if a little bit complex in places ;-) nokia have been very very busy in their camera research and papers like this show just how busy and how complex these smartphone cameras have got and some idea of how far nokia wanted/want to take this , they put their 808s tech up against some very stiff competition and aim to come out better ...... that itself speaks volumes about how good nokia wanted/want to make the smartphone camera and how far they were/are pushing the boundries

    I hope all this doesn't get lost in the transistion to Microsoft :-/
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    Yes, this is a very informative read.. i think its an extract from this

    Nokia PureView oversampling technology | (2013) | Vuori | Publications | Spie

    but i don't feel like paying $18 to take a look..

    The PureView tech is no joke.. it won at least 3 or 4 notable awards in 2012, and its widely recognized as cutting edge :)
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