1. leamsifig's Avatar
    I've been using my 920 as my daily music driver for around a year and a half now. I've paired it with my Senheiser CX300 II's since I've had it. A few weeks ago, I started having that scratchy sound every once in a while or the left earbud only giving out sound, which were fixed with a quick reset, but not Im having the issue of the music only playing clearly when the 3.5mm plug is set in a certain position, or when i press down softly on the top, pushing the jack farther into the port. This is very annoying as I have to put my phone in a weird position to be able to listen to music while walking or taking the bus, along with it being almost useless as my workout music device. Is there any known fixes or will I just have to replace my phone/get a new music player or disassemble it? I can't sent it to AT&T/Nokia as I loaded the WP8.1 Preview onto the phone and voided my warranty.
    05-16-2014 08:27 PM
  2. Anantha RamaKrishnan's Avatar
    Tried changing your headsets???
    05-16-2014 08:54 PM
  3. sdreamer's Avatar
    If you want, and are worried they'd flag you for the 8.1 update, restore it before sending it in. Trouble with your Nokia Windows Phone? Restore it with the official Software Recovery Tool | Windows Phone Central
    05-16-2014 09:39 PM
  4. Derausgewanderte's Avatar
    it is very easy to replace. Once you get the housing off you can pry the jack gently off as it is only held in place with adhesive. insert the new one and put the housing back together. All you need is a T5 torx screw driver.
    headphone jack lumia 920 | eBay

    also. there are three (or four) prongs in the jack, one at the top right (when you look down with screen facing you). I was able to fix my daughter's headphone jack by carefully pulling the top prong outwards a little to give better contact (using a needle). Other prongs are on the left side. You may be able to do the same with the second one from top. But chances are small that this will cure your particular issue.
    When you can hear sound only from one side, try to pull out the headphone cable one notch. On my daughter's phone you would hear on both channels now, however mono. That would indicate that the prong on the top right is pushed in too far and doesn't make good enough contact.

    message me if you would like a step by step of the headphone jack replacement with pics. would be happy to do that. the videos from the link should be good though I believe.
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    05-17-2014 12:18 AM
  5. leamsifig's Avatar
    Thank you for the quick reply. I will try this as soon as possible.
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    05-19-2014 10:24 PM
  6. leamsifig's Avatar
    If the other reply seems to risky I will try this. I'd rather not wait the several weeks for shipping and such, however.
    05-19-2014 10:25 PM
  7. Jazmac's Avatar
    Ahh too bad its broken.
    11-16-2014 09:53 AM
  8. dacarter77's Avatar
    I had the exact same problem with me earphone jack. Ended up buying a broken 920 on Craigslist for $25 and switching the backs which also replaced the headphone jack. It's working perfectly now. Don't be afraid to open these phones up when needed, it's really pretty easy with the right tools.
    11-17-2014 05:06 PM
  9. Martin Tkacik's Avatar
    I just changed my housing and my audio jack completely dead. While playing on speaker I put jack in and no change. Totally not registering earphones. Any ideas out there. Could it be just software issue? Before the change had no issues with the jack. Doesn't look damaged or anything
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    04-21-2015 09:29 PM

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