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    So awhile back I had my phone(920) knocked out of my hands on a bus and the screen cracked. Okay no big deal Ive fixed electonics before so I bought and replaced my phone screen with this D/Touch Screen Display Glass Replacement fr Nokia Lumia n920 920+Tools | eBay[1] After replacing the screen it worked okay, not as accurate or responsive as before though and with a little dust that I had not noticed putting the screen on. A few months later I have some free time and decide to get rid of the dust and maybe ill notice why the lights under the windows and search button are not working so I took it apart again however on putting it back together the touch screen no longer works. The screen seems fine, the picture looks perfect and all the on/off volume buttons work. I did some looking and thought perhaps the digitizer was broken however I tried briefly putting my old now broken, dusty screen back on as the touch on that also worked before. However the oldscreen also didnt work so now I am not as certian a new screen/digitzer combo would fix my problem. I am not sure now what could be wrong I THINK I put everything back correctly after totally taking it apart a few times. Anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong? Or if there is another fourm I should post on that could help me? I can post pictures of everything if needed. Thank you!
    05-17-2014 06:11 AM
  2. Rm Pk's Avatar
    May be connected to cable your phone's touch screen and LCD module between the loose. You can also replace a later version of the Android system, the problem has been resolved, analyzes found that most of the original phone system installation is used more, plus phone configuration is not high, easily lead to insufficient resources phones, so these may also occur phenomenon, we can recommend to try to restore the factory settings or brush after try, is not enough, then take overhaul better.
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