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    Just got the service manual for the Lumia 1520. Is it as simple as replacing the housing w a QI supported housing ?
    Anybody done this ?

    After looking @ the manual for the Lumia 1520 (the example phone is the AT&T version RM-940), it appears there is NO connection to detach to remove the housing, simply 1 screw. Is it that simple, substitute a housing from a QI charging supported model? The RM-940 supports the other (PMA ?) wireless charging consortium (AT&T is a member of same). There are three connectors that make with the wireless charging cover. Since there's NO connection to be removed, can it simply be removed (interchanged) w another model's housing ?

    ... or is there soldering / a connection to make ?

    Would appreciate any help / experience - that could be easily done (based on my read of service manual & watching the video).

    EDIT: Just read the NINE pages re: Qi Charging on a LUMIA 1520 AT&T phone (Solution) ... and the answer to my question appears to be NO ! Based on my limited skill w soldering (& all things electrical) I would be VERY reluctant to try the solution.
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