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    I would like to share my story with my white Lumia 1020, which I bought through Amazon one month ago or so.

    Since the beginning, the battery performance was pretty awful. No matter if I was just sending some messages on whatsapp or browsing Facebook, if I used the phone for longer than a couple of minutes, it would start getting hot in the back and draining the battery pretty fast. With moderate use, I would not get more than 7-8 hours before charging it again (I had to charge it twice a day).

    I tested how much the battery would last if I left the phone at home connected to Wi-Fi (with signal on) but not even touching it or using it. The result was exactly 24 hours or so, which I thought was decent. So I started thinking that the problem with my phone was more related to the manage of the battery when using it rather than when it was in standby.

    I finally decided to go to Nokia Care. I had to wait a week to get my phone back, and in the paper they gave me, it was described the following:

    Detected symptom: 5402—Low battery capacity/battery drains fast
    Diagnostic: 201—Mechanical component failure
    Procedures: Mechanical component repair.
    Replaced components: 00810R6-CARE BODY ASSY ROW WHITE LASERED

    The man at Nokia Care told me that they had changed the polycarbonate body of the phone. I was very upset because I thought this had nothing to do with my battery, and he barely could explain me the reason behind this procedure.

    When I came back home and after I fully charged it, I immediately noticed the improvement on the battery performance. Right now I am getting more than 2 days of battery life when at home (connected to Wi-fi, with moderate use of whatsapp, etc) and a day and a half with moderate use out of home, with 4G connection, some calls, whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter browsing, listening to music…


    So I guess that the problem had to be with the termal isolation of the battery, or the insertions or receptors on the polycarbonate body. Now my phone never gets hot unless I use the camera, which is understandable, or play games, which I never do.

    I encourage everyone who has trouble with their battery performance with the 1020 (especially if they bought it to Amazon, because I already asked for a replacement when I first bought it, so this was my second mobile) to go to Nokia Care because they can get a much better battery life. 2000mAh is more than the iPhone's 1500mAh and so you should get at least an equal battery life.
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    05-18-2014 05:56 PM
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    Thanks for reporting and taking the time. I wonder if the same applies to my 925. It overheats and runs out. I opened a ticket and was ready to send it but I can't live without my phone for a week now.
    05-18-2014 11:59 PM

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