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    I was having my dad take a picture of my niece and me using the Nokia camera app, and he took a few shots which, of course, "saved' onto the phone. We were going to take one more, and then the screen froze. None of the buttons or anything worked, so I restarted the phone only to come back to all the pictures we had taken missing off the phone. I've had the phone lock up like that one other time when I was using the music app. I've only had the phone for about a week and a half now, so should I consider getting a replacement?

    PS. I am running windows 8.1 on the phone. When it locks up like that the temperature of the phone and everything feel just fine. Factory reset sounds messy (I finally got everything set up how I like it), but I'm thinking I might have try that next.

    Thank you! :3
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    05-18-2014 07:43 PM
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    Does it lock up only when using the Nokia Camera App? Try using the built in camera app and see if that locks up. If it doesn't, then it may be localized to the Nokia Camera app. You can uninstall the app and reinstall and try again. Also, you can try the Nokia Camera app beta and see if that helps.

    Doing a hard reset should be the last resort. It's always a pain in the neck to do.
    05-18-2014 08:08 PM

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