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    My father in-law was due for an upgrade on Verizon. He had a HTC incredible 2 for a couple of years and wad used to the Android software. He likes Windows and recent bought a Surface 2. My wife and I have Nokia Lumia 928s and we love them. We also recently bought a Surface 2 and really like the integration and how the two devices sync.

    Long story short, we convinced my father in-law to switch to windows phone. I went with him to Verizon and he bought the Icon. I am soooooo jealous! What a great device! It's like the 928 but so much faster, smoother and the display is incredible. It doesn't have double tap to wake or glance, but the rest outweighs those features. I wish my 2 year contract was up would definitely go to the Icon now. I was surprised at the size. It's only about a quarter inch longer in length and the width is the same but the screen extends to the edge maximizing the viewing area. Pretty awesome phone.

    I helped him upgrade to 8.1 through the dev preview and he loves it!
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    05-26-2014 09:09 PM
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    Glad your father in-law love his icon (with windows phone 8.1 )I really don't care about glance/double tap to unlock. For me screen, camera and performance is more important.
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    05-26-2014 09:48 PM
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    it is!

    it's kind of a sexier, better looking iPhone. the white polycarbonate is just amazing. it has almost the feel and look of a pearly sea shell. not that glossy plastic of many phones. (yes, I don't like glossy phones). I think it definitely looks better than the glossy glass of the iPhone.

    people who have seen my phone were impressed. heck, I took it to record my brother's graduation this weekend and i could hear people going "what phone is that?" (I put my Icon on a tripod to record video and take pictures so my phone was out there for people to see). It really impressed them how easy it was to change zoom while recording. A lot of phones can't do that or it's awkward to change it once you start recording.
    05-26-2014 09:57 PM

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