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    This process was mostly taken from XDA developers. I changed the code part to work with our ATIV SE devices:

    Originally Posted by brunonemer View Post

    I finally enabled Internet Sharing with any sim card - for free - without flashing. The problem was solved for any Verizon Nokia Lumia, but now we can enable "internet Sharing" for our HTC 8X Verizon for any SIM in the world. You must install access point from Nokia and it will configure all for you, you can't find it directly in the store, but this is a trick: we must to simulate in the store we have a Nokia Lumia...


    Note.- I can't upload images because i'm a new xda user, but i attached the images in a single image

    1. Make sure the phone and your PC are in the same WiFi network.

    2. Go to fiddler2 [.] [com], download and install it (There are two versions: built for .NET 4 and built for .NET 2. In some sites I read the built for .NET 4 have some problems, I had not tried this version, I used built for .NET 2).

    3. Run Fiddler2 in your PC.

    4. Go to Rules - Customize rules

    See image 1

    5. Now you have an opened text document. Press CTRL+F (find) and search OnBeforeRequest
    , surely you are in the line:
    static function OnBeforeRequest(oSession: Session) {

    6. On the next line you must include this lines:
    // Replace oemId=Samsung with oemId=NOKIA
    oSession.PathAndQuery = oSession.PathAndQuery.Replace ("oemId=SAMSUNG", "oemId=NOKIA");
    // Replace the device model with the dm for the Nokia 925 (AT&T / North America):
    oSession.PathAndQuery = oSession.PathAndQuery.Replace ("dm=ATIV%20SE", "dm=RM-893_nam_att_206");

    See image 2

    The store will think you have an AT&T Nokia Lumia 925. Close and save the text document.

    7. Now in Fiddler2 go to Tools - Fiddler Options...

    See image 3

    8. Go to Connections and enable Allow remote computers to connect - Accept - OK

    See image 4

    9. Restart Fiddler2 and keep opened.

    10. You must need to know the IP address of your PC, if you don't know it you can open cmd and enter ipconfig. Here you can find the IPv4. In this case is

    See image 5

    11. Now in your HTC, go to store, find SysApp Pusher and install it.

    12. In your phone go to Settings - WiFi. Select your network. Clic on Proxy to enable it. In Server/URL you must enter your IP address, and in Port you must enter 8888. Clic in OK:

    See image 6

    13. With Fiddler2 opened, open SysApp Pusher and in Nokia apps find access point

    See image 7

    14. You are in the store, clic on Install, it will be start. While the proxy is On, you can add the app to the download list, but you can't download it. So disable Proxy (Settings - Wifi - Choose your network - Proxy Off). With the Proxy Off the app will be installed sucessfully.

    16. If you installed access point sucessfully, you can see it in Settings - access point. Open it and see if the app configures the APN for your SIM card, if not you can add it manually.

    17. With mobile data ON, go to Settings - Internet Sharing and enable it!

    So this did not fully work for me. I installed Access Point (along with some other cool Nokia Apps) using this process. I went to enable Internet Sharing, but now I have a new message:
    " Add Internet sharing?
    Your current data plan doesn't include Internet Sharing. Do you want to open an app from your mobile operator to add it? Internet sharing use your cellular data and may incur additional charges."
    I do have tethering allowed and verified with T-Mobile.

    There are lots of cool apps you can install this way too using Sysapp Pusher.
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    06-06-2014 12:55 PM
  2. kishorekumar_a's Avatar
    Ooo Yeah. Thanks for sharing the step by step guide. I am going to use this to try and install Samsung apps on my Lumia. Ex ATIV Beam.

    I was looking for a way to do this. But I completely forgot the Fiddler option for doing this (I have previously did this to install the apps).

    Thanks once again for sharing.
    06-09-2014 05:25 AM
  3. GTF696's Avatar
    Does not work if phone is updated to Windows 8.1 - When they said NOT to update the phone prematurely, they weren't kidding.
    09-30-2014 12:43 AM
  4. Fred Wilson2's Avatar
    Also I still could not get Internet sharing (nor incoming MMS) to work, even using this method.
    I've since learned that Verizon, via firmware, locks the MMS and Internet sharing on their LTE phones.

    09-30-2014 08:24 AM

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