1. jacobpagan's Avatar
    Hi there,

    My name is Jacob, I work for a phone repair company in Leeds; a HTC 8X came in for a screen replacement a week or so ago - we replaced the screen and everything works as it should, however, when the phone tries to make a call the screen flickers as if I'm pulling the phone away from my face and back to my face really quickly. This only happens when I'm trying to make a call or receiving one, all other aspects of the phone where the screen is involved works fine. To try and remedy this fault we have tried replacing the proximity sensor in the phone and have tried hard resetting the phone itself to which we still have no luck.

    One thing worth mentioning is when we turn the phone off and back on again the issue is resolved temporarily, after a few hours, in one case a day, the issue returns.

    Do you have any ideas on what it could be?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Kind regards
    06-11-2014 05:28 AM
  2. hacer619's Avatar
    try calibrating the sensor with the new screen. a reset in a dark room
    06-11-2014 06:40 AM

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