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    When I bought my new Lumia 1520 I thought it would be a good chance to enter the world of wireless charging, having briefly tried it with my 1020 but couldn't be bothered to keep removing it from it's case to attach the wireless charging cover. I was slightly worried due to the effect on the battery due to the extra heat generated when wireless charging, but wasn't prepared for the phone to become a giant hand warmer! Everything seemed fine for the first few charges, yes the phone got warm but not unduly so. Without warning my phone started to continuously make an alert sound and displayed the lock screen while sitting on the charging plate. When I picked it up to investigate, it was almost too hot to hold, and I can only assume the alert sound was a warning that the phone's safety circuits were being activated because of the excessive heat being generated. Why this should suddenly happen is a mystery, but I was immediately worried that the battery was already damaged and started to regret ever considering wireless charging. The only reason I could think of was that, for some unknown reason, Windows Phones have to be switched on when charging, and apps working in the background had caused the device to overheat so badly. I'm not sure if the same thing would have happened during a corded charge, but it was more than worrying to say the least. I now seem to have found a solution, and if anyone is experiencing excessive heat while charging, either corded or wirelessly, this seems to be the answer. Go into the Glance Screen menu and activate the option to disable the Glance Screen while charging, then activate 'Flight Mode'. This will ensure the device is effectively switched off while charging and no apps can run in the background. Since doing this I've been able to wireless charge with hardly any heat generated at all, in fact the device has been quite cool to the touch while charging and I'm regretting not doing this from the start. Thankfully the battery seems to be working normally and doesn't show any signs of being damaged as I'm still getting a good 2 days of use out of it on a full charge. If anyone else has experienced an overheating Lumia at least give this a try and hopefully save your battery from being 'cooked' when you least expect it. In the meantime maybe someone at Microsoft could explain why Windows Phones need to be switched on while charging because as hard as I try, I can't think of one!
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    Thanks for this, I don't have any problems with wireless charging but this will help others that might.

    By the way, first post and it's a tip, nice one.
    06-13-2014 04:27 AM

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