1. Helen Middlemas's Avatar
    Hi All

    I am utterly desperate for help. I got my new phone two weeks ago, and the people at TalkTalk who should have been able to give me the new APN and MMS settings have been utterly useless. To the point why I was utterly disgusted. They told me that as my phone was new, they did not have the settings and I should go to Carphone Warehouse and pay them to tell me them!

    Having had a Nokia prior to this, I know that when I joined TalkTalk Mobile (Sim Only Contract), I had a lot of problems getting the correct settings. The people at TalkTalk normal mobile line gave me the wrong settings, kept telling me it would be activated in a couple of hours etc etc.

    I'm really annoyed as I am paying 15 a month and not getting any of the data use, Can someone please help me

    06-20-2014 02:45 AM
  2. gedzum's Avatar
    I tried looking around and found this: Windows phone settings | TalkTalk Help

    Have you tired those settings by any chance? If that doesn't work, have tried to see if TalkTalk is listed under the access point in the phone settings and making sure the correct one is enabled?
    06-20-2014 03:54 AM

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