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    As the title says, on Saturday morning i unplugged the 920 from the usb after charging and burnt my fingers on the micro usb, when i looked at the phone it had melted the plastic around the port, not badly but enough to destroy the usb port completely. i am lucky it didn't catch fire i guess.

    I got onto google and found this has happened to a lot of people, i don't hold Nokia liable for this as its been plugged in and unplugged literally hundreds of times over 18months of solid ownership, how can they possibly prevent that level of wear and tear?

    I rang ee who said it was covered through nokia and i was to ring them, when i did i found out that its an average of 6 weeks to receive it back, and that's if they accept it as a warranty claim i thought sod it, i am going into ebay and stripping her down.

    I bought this for 4.35 with free postage.

    In it went and the phone is now perfect again, i am very happy and loving the phone again, 5 days without her has been a long arduous ordeal but shes back, on 8.1 with cortana singing "daisy daisy" again and telling me crap jokes.

    Anyone who is in a similar boat don't hesitate to strip the phone, this is literally a five minute repair .

    And those waiting for 8.1, sign up as a developer and get it early, its far far superior to wp8.

    Happy tinkering chaps.
    06-25-2014 01:44 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this, it may come in useful for a lot of people. I considered buying a used 920 recently, but it had a scratch on the glass...not something you could repair, short of a new glass which is a heap of trouble to do.

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    06-25-2014 03:37 PM

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