1. Rj Eki's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    I am using Nokia Lumia 1020 with Airtel India (3G) on it, and i am experiencing signal drops most the times (only 3 to 4 bars).. I live in south Chennai.
    And when i go to some places in Chennai like shopping malls (like Phoenix mall), my signal even drops to 2 bars.. My calls drops and no data internet connectivity at all..!!
    But when i am on road in traffic/outside buildings, riding car in city, i get full 5 bars..

    But my brother who owns an Iphone 5S with Vodafone gets full signal bars all times wherever he is.. At Shops, all malls, office, home or road of-course or wherever.. Even toilets ..
    If Apple can, y not legendary Nokia!!

    Note -
    1) I am not using an Modified/cut sim.. I updated to micro sim from mini sim with the same of number.. So the sim is new.
    2) I am currently using 3G.. But i have also tried switching to 2G but no difference found.. (I have no 4G here in Chennai).
    3) My phone is brand new (white Lumia 1020), only 2 months old..
    4) I get good connectivity at some theaters, my home and at closed interior shops..(Definitely 4 bars but get 5 bars rarely).. But only dont get proper reception at some places like outskirts and some malls (only 1 to 3 bars) and no internet connectivity..
    5) I am using this Airtel number for over 7 years now!!
    6) yes, i am using a protective TPU case.. But i removed the case and tested but still found weak signal..!

    What should i do!!
    If have to go for an another network service? Which "Network Provider" offers the better signal strength all times in Chennai..!!?? PLEASE HELP..
    06-28-2014 04:11 AM
  2. w00cash1020's Avatar
    Vodafone ? :P
    06-29-2014 04:08 AM
  3. viswanathansri's Avatar
    Same issue with Airtel here in Velachery . Don't get BSNL either . If you want good reception throughout Chennai , go for Aircel or Vodafone . Both are a bit costly but offer good signal because their network has less congestion .
    06-29-2014 04:13 AM
  4. Rj Eki's Avatar
    Thanks viswanathansri,

    Ya u r right . It seems like Airtel is not good at Velachery.. That too especially inside Phoenix mall, Only 2 bars of signal, call drops all times and no data connectivity at all on my Lumia EOS.. But My brother with Vodafone (iphone 5S) has superb speed reception.. Even mom's BSNL (on Nokia 6233) has better signal strength in there..

    Anyways, i am resorting to buy Vodafone ASAP.. As i guess Aircel is bad with service (as i already used Aircel for over 7 yrs from 2004 to 2011)..
    I have also purchased an Signal booster chip to try on my phone.. Will post the results here later after testing..

    Thanks again...
    06-30-2014 02:43 AM

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