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    Went on a mountain trip and didn't have a charger on me. My phone died and was dead for two day. When i got back home i threw it on the wireless charger. Everything seemed fine. Left it charging for about an hour and half but when i return i saw it rebooting. I let it reboot while on the wireless and once it finished rebooting it instantly rebooted again.

    I did a soft reset and put it on a WIRED charger. It rebooted again and again back to back a few times, roughly 6/7 times. Did another soft reset and still the same. So then i did a hard reset and well, you know... Left it on the charger over night for about 8hrs and the battery is only at 18%. I would check it every time i wake up and it was rebooting itself.

    My 1520 is on wp 8.1 dev. I've had my phone since it was release and never had a problem with it even after the 8.1 update. This is the first. PLEASE HELP!
    07-03-2014 06:18 PM

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