08-03-2014 08:36 AM
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  1. wprocks's Avatar
    Looks like I have similar problems with my device. I also reverted back to latest WP and removed DVP 8.1. My 1520 have been acting up lately. Freezing, launching Cortana/bing all the time. Even after restore problem is not fixed so it seems hardware issue. I am sending this for repair to Nokia Care.
    07-14-2014 10:57 AM
  2. DL Durand's Avatar
    No problems with 8.1 on my 920 or 1520. I still get 2 days (no-GPS) on a charge. I was real happy with 8 but I can see how some would really love features of 8.1. I like being able to fit more on my screen due to the compactness of it. And Wordflow(Swype) is great! That was the main thing I missed from Android. I'm looking forward to the tweaks that Cyan will bring.
    07-14-2014 01:08 PM
  3. greythorne's Avatar
    I want to know how you use the Nokia software recovery tool. It keep saying could not find data on my phone.
    07-15-2014 04:56 AM
  4. NightOrchid's Avatar
    I want to know how you use the Nokia software recovery tool. It keep saying could not find data on my phone.
    Its all in this thread:

    [How To] Unbrand (flash) all Nokia Windows Phone 8 [XDA News] - XDA Forum

    Make sure you read some of the replies as well as they address what your talking about. You do this at your own risk though.
    07-15-2014 02:29 PM
  5. derek533's Avatar
    Loving 8.1. Had it on my 920 before upgrading to the 1520, and the very first thing I did was put on 8.1 without even trying Black on the 1520. The only annoying thing is having to go into settings to turn off location in order to get back to the standard search vs. Cortana. Sometimes, I want to use the built in QR reader and that's the only way I know of to get back to it.

    I'm getting amazing battery life though, here's a screenshot:

    07-15-2014 02:54 PM
  6. MDMcAtee's Avatar
    I went back as well..overheating issues was the main reason with IE...

    I certainly do hope that Cyan fixes everything with this phone,and Microsoft makes some fundamental changes to allow different browsers to run with out being tied to IE as it is,but I fear that they won't.

    The other issues should be corrected like the WiFi disconnects and cellular issues and that's a big plus and I will certainly try it again..but I will wait for awhile to see what is being said before upgrading..

    I do wonder if we will still be able to revert back with the Nokia Care Suite to 8.0 or if they will only allow the current version when it is out
    07-16-2014 11:28 AM
  7. leo74's Avatar
    I will go back I guess. I had absolutely no issue with running the 8.1 DP on my 1520, but ever since I went and installed the official version with Cyan and WP 8.1, my phone overheats, freezes on loading or resume screens and is overall not reliable. I'd doesn't seem to load emails reliably anymore. I tried hard reset but nothing helped. Something with the upgrade rendered my 1520 effectively useless..
    08-01-2014 01:14 PM
  8. leo74's Avatar
    It looks like I found out what the issue was. Glance was enabled by default. After disabling Glance, the phone seems as snappy as before. Haven't seen lagging or freezing and it is no longer heating up. Of course this is just the observation of about half a day so far, but it is clearly noticeable.
    08-01-2014 04:07 PM
  9. TripsG's Avatar
    I finally reverted back to 8.0 to see if it would fix my issues. Got the phone upgraded and it just lost its mind. Would not stop restarting over and over. Did this for well over an hour. I drove to the MS Store where I bought it and they gave me a warranty replacement (yellow phone looks nice). Sat in the store, loaded everything, downloaded 8.1 and Cyan, got it all going, pinned Cortana to my screen and all of my problems started again. So I obviously have an app that is causing my problems. I've deleted all apps that are not normally used and am trying to find the problem because I really want to use Cortana, but I can't have my phone rendered useless when I try to wake it from sleep. Hoping to get this sorted as it's become quite frustrating. This is the absolute first time I've ever had a problem with MS/Nokia and software.
    08-03-2014 08:13 AM
  10. WDavis4692's Avatar
    I reverted to 8.0 but not due to problems with 8.1. I reverted due to the bitlocker thing. I don't use bitlocker, I just want cyan sooner, if you catch my meaning.

    I actually have less problems with 8.1 DP than I do with 8.

    The tap bug on my 1520 was completely fixed by the latest display (or glance, I don't remember) update, but since rolling back to 8, the tap problem is back again. It's always been a software-based issue; probably to do with the CPU 'lagging' as it switches the tap sensor from high-to-low priority threads due to some kind of programming error. Why else would it have occurred worse during certain 'heavy apps' than it did on the regular OS screens?

    I have experienced a couple of random camera opens and could swore I didn't touch the camera button. I've also had two or three random restarts - one of which followed a lock-up. Battery drain is higher in 8.1 DP, but at around 1.5% /hr while on standby, this is more than acceptable drain. Back in 8, I could wake up the next morning having taken it off the charger before going to bed, and it'd still be at like 98%. I would hazard a guess the primary reason battery drain is higher in 8.1 - aside from Cortana which I don't have yet - is due to the notifications system 'scanning all the time' rather than 'intermittently'. To illustrate this point, my messenger notifications only came every few minutes in 8, rather than as they arrive in 8.1. I'd happily trade a bit of battery life for speed in this regard.

    Apart from that, loving the new features. You only realise how useful the action centre is AFTER you roll back. I really miss the ability to pull down the shade and check my battery/wi-fi signal or adjust my brightness/rotation lock on-the-fly. You may say it makes the phone feel like 'more Androidy' but at the end of the day it's a highly useful addition to the OS and I welcome it despite this.
    08-03-2014 08:36 AM
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