1. lovenokia's Avatar
    I recently cracked the screen of my lumia 1520, and I was looking at the price of a digitizer and it seems to be roughly 200$. I am wondering where is the cheapest place that I can get the screen of my 1520 repaired. It is an att variant, and do not know if that complicates things or not. Thanks
    07-14-2014 04:48 PM
  2. worldspy99's Avatar
    If you are an adventerous DIY type of person:

    Get your LCD here:
    1520 lcd in Replacement Parts & Tools | eBay

    Learn how to fixit here:

    Good Luck!
    07-14-2014 05:41 PM
  3. Dex Da Rex's Avatar
    This happened with my 920 unfortunately. Lived with cracked screen for almost a year! Its too expensive to fix unless you do it yourself.
    07-14-2014 07:18 PM
  4. Rawliglat x's Avatar
    Depends on what you mean by "cheaply replace".
    The screen itself isn't cheap (speaking about originals).
    So I really don't see how you would fix it cheaply.

    I know its a little to late for advice of use, but considering the size, you would have been better off getting a good case for cheap in the first place. But well, you're passed that now.
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    07-14-2014 07:55 PM
  5. bozza72's Avatar
    how did you crack it ???
    07-14-2014 08:09 PM
  6. ternell99's Avatar
    Just purchase the whole replacement screen assembly (glass, digitizer and LCD). I thought that I could seperate the digitizer from the LCD like for an iPhone screen replacement and save money....Its pretty much impossible to do!!! The replacement is simple...just check out ifixit for the teardown like mentioned above and go after it!!!
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    07-14-2014 09:34 PM
  7. rhamblet's Avatar
    I replaced my 1520 display successfully, it was relatively easy.

    You may get luckily like I did and get the entire phone minus the mainboard. (spare battery, speakers) could come in handy.
    07-15-2014 11:41 AM
  8. teoami's Avatar
    The cheapest way you can do it is yourself. I am about to fix my 1520. I bought a 1520 that was blacklisted from ATT, but everything else was still fine. Found it locally and only paid $150 for it. I'm going to swap the screens and then either keep the extra parts just in case, or sell off the parts I don't need to recoup some of the cost. This was the most economical way in my opinion. Going to a shop to have it replaced expect to pay at least $250. That was cheapest quote that I got. And not many shops will even touch it since they don't normally carry the screen.
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    07-15-2014 03:06 PM
  9. xmotleyx's Avatar
    Where did you get the replacement screen?
    07-26-2014 07:37 PM
  10. lovenokia's Avatar
    So I had ended up finding another Lumia 1520 for really cheap for about 220$, but unfortunately, this unit I found for cheap seems to be riddled with bugs, bugs that my original did not have. This unit seems to have a faulty camera sensor, which is quite frustrating, but now that I have two 1520's, I will try and take one screen out from the other. I just hope that it will all be worth it. As to how I cracked the screen, the phone slipped out of my pocket when I sat down in the car, and I sat on the phone. The sad part is that I have about 7 cases, but for a period of time I was going with a case because I got annoyed by it.
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    07-27-2014 03:41 AM

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